The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 189 – Why Are You Mad?
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 189 – Why Are You Mad?

Chapter 189 – Why Are You Mad?

Hexi indifferently said, “Indeed, they’re well matched.”

Hearing this, the smile on Zi Yan’s face became proud and arrogant. “That’s good if you know. My Young Miss’s status, how can you such a lowly person like yourself neglect it!? Don’t think that just because you can enter and exit Hell King Manor that you can be arrogant and despotic…”

Zi Yan’s voice suddenly disappeared with her surprise as she discovered that Hell King was no longer having an intimate chat with her Young Miss, and was unexpectedly making his way over.

Seeing Hell King’s handsome face, with his tall and straight figure, both of Zi Yan’s cheeks instantly blushed. Slightly bowing her head, the corners of her mouth were tinged with the traces of a shy smile.

However, Nangong Yu didn’t pay any attention at all to the existence of Zi Yan, rather, he quickly moved in front of Hexi, reaching out his hand to pat her head. “What are you talking about? Why are you so serious that you were even unaware that this King had arrived?”

Hexi subconsciously wanted to avoid Nangong Yu’s hand; but what kind of person was Nangong Yu? Now that his strength was back to its peak, how could Hexi avoid him!

As a result, he didn’t only caress her head, but had also gently pulled her waist into his embrace.

The man’s deep and quiet laughter echoed in her ears as he said, “You’re still angry?”

Hexi was just about to struggle, when all of a sudden her whole body quivered. She could sense a strong murderous aura coming from behind her, as if someone wanted to dismember her body into a thousand pieces.

But this murderous aura only lasted for a moment, because when Hexi turned to find the source, she could only see the Ice Lotus Fairy’s expression lightly examining them, the corners of her mouth lifted into a shallow smile. Her face revealed no clues as to where the aura had come from.

Hexi frowned and pushed Nangong Yu away. “We’re talking about the future Princess of Hell King Manor. Indeed, such an ideal couple, a match made in heaven.”

Nangong Yu couldn’t help but laugh, and lowering his voice, he leaned close to Hexi’s ear and softly whispered, “Xi Er, are you praising yourself? Ahh…but what you said is right, I like it!”

Hexi sighed sadly; in the end, does this guy really not understand, or is he pretending to not understand?

“Stop acting stupid in front of me, the beauty is over there! Your Highness Hell King, please refrain from teasing me in the future!”

Nangong Yu stared blankly. After their relationship had become more familiar, Hexi rarely called him “His Highness Hell King”. But when he noticed the sneer on this girl’s mouth, and her cold eyes, he realised that she really was angry.

But, why is Xi Er angry?

Nangong Yu turned his head to glance at Ice Lotus Fairy standing at a distance from them. With his eyes immediately lighting up with realisation, he quietly laughed. “Xi Er, are you jealous?”

Hexi unhappily glared at him. “What jealousy are you talking about, you’re thinking too much! Just continue receiving your lovable visitor, I’m very busy so I’m leaving now!”

Nangong Yu pulled Hexi back into his arms as she was about to leave, whispering so that only the two of them could hear. “Such an awkward girl, just admit that you like this King. Is it so difficult for you to admit you feel jealous to this King?”

Seeing Hexi about to burst, he promptly explained, “Mine and Lian Ying’s relationship isn’t like what you’re thinking. Be good and don’t think too much, all right? I’ll get Bai Hu to send you back, as I have a few matters to which I have to handle these next few days. The person who hired the Drought Demon Organisation to kill you still hasn’t been found, so during these days you should stay at home as much as possible, only going out if need be. If there is something you need, find Bai Hu, and you must constantly wear the imprint that I gave you, so I know whether you’re safe or not.”

“As soon as I’ve finished dealing with this matter, I’ll find you,” Nangong Yu softly kissed the side of her face, his voice gentle. “Obediently wait for me at home, hmm?”

Hexi felt that the surrounding glares on her were so scorching, that they felt like they would burn a hole through her clothes. Her face immediately turned red, and she quickly pushed him away again. “No need to have Bai Hu send me, I can go back on my own!”


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