The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 191 – Earth Bound Spirit Poison
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 191 – Earth Bound Spirit Poison

Chapter 191 – Earth Bound Spirit Poison

The woman dressed in white felt an indescribable sensation, and couldn’t help but quiver all over as she was stared at by those eyes. Immediately after, she realised that the youngster’s cultivation base was only at Qi Refining stage, and she coldly snorted. “Boy, I’ll acknowledge that your little trick worked, you were unexpectedly able to cover your tracks. Unfortunately though, you’ve overestimated your abilities, and if you had escaped a moment ago, perhaps you would have had the opportunity to live. I didn’t expect you to be so stupid, delivering yourself to my door! Humph, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Hexi slightly raised her brow. “Oh, is that so? So that’s to say, you’ve following me the whole way because you intend to kill me?”

Is she really so easy to bully that people think they’re able to come and assassinate her? The account between Drought Demon Organisation has yet to be settled, and yet here comes another one.

The woman dressed in white coldly said, “At first the order I accepted was to find out your identity, then to look for an opportunity to get rid of you. But now it seems that I don’t have to investigate and can just let you die without a burial place, regardless of your identity and background. Haha…”

“So you want to kill me here?”

“What, now you know how to be afraid?” The woman dressed in white burst out into loud laughter. “Unfortunately, it’s already too late!”

As she finished speaking she began to gather her spiritual power, and bringing out her Flying Sword with a ‘swish’, she flew towards Hexi.

The Flying Sword not only headed straight for Hexi with severe power, but also brought with it an icy cold energy, freezing the air around it into frost as it travelled.

The most peculiar thing of all though, was that the spiritual energy in the atmosphere seemed to be absorbed as the Flying Sword swept past. This caused the momentum of the Flying Sword to become fiercer, and so as the Flying Sword drew closer to Hexi, she also sensed the intense suction of spiritual energy.

“Annoying boy! Go die!” Spiritual power ruthlessly rushed forwards from the woman’s hand, her delicate and pretty features warped into a sinister smile.

Yet the moment the Flying Sword was about to pierce Hexi, stabbing her weak body, the woman dressed in white thought something flashed before her eyes, and suddenly Hexi had already disappeared from her original position.

The woman stared blankly, then she abruptly went white with shock and wanted to recall her Flying Sword.

But the next moment, she found that she couldn’t move.

With her body frozen with one leg forward, and one leg back, her hands flailed about as she tried to use her spiritual power. This position was very strange and hilarious, yet she was unable to budge even the tiniest bit.

The worst part was that she could feel her feet becoming colder and slowly freezing, as if someone was wrapping a layer of mud around her skin.

It was at this moment that Hexi’s cold voice echoed in her ears. “How is it, do you still want to kill me now?”

Panic flashed across the woman’s face, her eyes filling with intense dread. “You…what are you doing to me? Why can’t I move?”

“Oh, this is a type of poison called Earth Bound Spirit Poison, I made it for fun in my free time,” Moving around to the front of her, Hexi kicked the woman’s stiff lower leg, indifferently laughing as she said, “Earth Bound Spirit Poison makes a person’s body completely stiff; it’s like it becomes possessed by an evil spirit binding them to the ground, causing them to be unable to move a muscle. With time the body deteriorates, gradually becoming stiffer and weaker, until finally, it resembles a stone statue. One touch is all it takes for it to break into a million pieces.”

The more the woman dressed in white heard, the more pronounced the fear on her face became. She was so afraid, that the muscles in her face started twitching.

Hexi nonetheless laughed. “But you don’t have to worry, Earth Bound Spirit Poison’s solidification is only really effective on an ordinary person’s body. For a martial artist, as long they have spiritual power to protect themselves, it isn’t so easy for them to become a stone statue. Earth Bound Spirit Poison will only hinder you from moving for a few hours, that’s all.”


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