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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 193 – Demon

Chapter 193 – Demon

After Hexi finished speaking, she raised the longsword in her hand.

The woman dressed in white saw the cold edge of the sword press closer to her, and was no longer able to endure the painful torture and her fear. Her expression collapsed as she shouted, “I’ll speak, I’ll speak, I beg of you to spare me!”

“Then speak; on whose order did you come here to kill me?”

“It…it was Hell King Manor! The people from Hell King Manor ordered me to kill you!”

“Hell King Manor?” Hexi narrowed her eyes. “Why would the people from Hell King Manor want to kill me? And which person is the one who wants to kill me?”

The woman’s entire body twitched, and with her eyes slightly flickering to the side, she weepingly said, “It…it was Qing Long! Right, it was Qing Long who order me to kill you! Because you’re a man, and yet you still dared to seduce His Highness Hell King, ruining His Highness Hell King’s reputation. This caused Qing Long and the others to want you dead, so they sent me to kill you.”

Qing Long wanted to kill her? Because she used the identity of a man to seduce Nangong Yu?

This was simply a big joke, did they think of her as a three year old foolish son?

However Qing Long, Bai Hu, and the others, already knew that she was a woman. Moreover, if they wanted to kill someone, they wouldn’t send such a trashy person to do it for them.

Hexi sneered, slicing another chunk of flesh off of the woman’s face. “Since you don’t want to tell me, then don’t tell me, I don’t have much interest in who wants to kill me anyway. As a matter of fact, you would be better used as a practice dummy for my knife skills.”

The flesh on the woman’s face, and the flesh on her arms, was sliced off piece by piece. The woman dressed in white let out a sharp shriek filled with misery.

Even though this type of injury was common for martial artists and could easily be cured, the process of this torture was really too horrible.

The woman thought that the person before her eyes was simply a demon, causing her to experience true fear this time. Who knew what kind of terrible punishment would be waiting for her next!

The woman dressed in white finally broke into tears. “I’ll speak, I’ll speak, it…it was Zi Yan who ordered me! Please spare me!”

“Zi Yan?” For a moment, Hexi didn’t react to the name Zi Yan. “Who is she? Why does she want to kill me?”

The woman dressed in white wept while saying, “I’m Bai Zhi, I serve my Young Miss. Compared to me, Zi Yan is a higher ranked servant as she is Young Miss’s personal maid. Zi Yan said that you were seducing His Highness Hell King, causing our Young Miss heartbreak, so she ordered me to kill you. As long as I could accomplish this task, she would request that the Young Miss raises my status!”

Hexi’s eyebrows slightly pursed. “Is your Young Miss that Ice Lotus Fairy?”

“That’s right!” The mention of her Young Miss made the woman dressed in white’s face to immediately expose an expression of reverence. “My Young Miss is the Feng family’s Young Miss, born of the First Wife. She is also Liu Li sect’s young Clan Head. Throughout all of Mi Luo continent, the only one who is fit to partner with Hell King is my Young Miss. Who are you, you’re a man and yet you’re unexpectedly so shameless as to willingly lie low under a man’s body! Even attempting to vainly snatch away His Highness Hell King! I’m warning you, you had better release me this instant, otherwise, my Young Miss will absolutely not let you off!”

“Okay!” The trace of a sneer appeared around the edges of Hexi’s mouth. “I’ve heard your warning very clearly. Now as for you, you can go and die already.”

With her words having barely fallen from her mouth, and without waiting for Bai Zhi to react, Hexi gripped the woman’s neck with one hand. Slightly pressing down with her fingers, a ‘crack’ could be heard echoing down the alley. Bai Zhi’s eyes abruptly opened wide, her face filled with horror, and soon, her head drooped down, her neck lacking any strength.

She, a second ranked servant of the Feng family, a martial artist at the peak of Foundation Establishment stage, in the end was unable to even let out a groan and silently died.

Hexi stared at the dead body, not a trace of emotion visible in her eyes. From a pocket near her chest, she then removed a small bottle of Corroding Bone Water, pouring it onto the dead body.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》