The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 194 – Old Beggar Man
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 194 – Old Beggar Man

Chapter 194 – Old Beggar Man

A moment later, the dead body issued ‘shh’ sounds, followed by clouds of white smoke and a rotten stench that permeated the air.

After several breaths, Bai Zhi’s dead body disappeared without a trace.


After she had finished dealing with Bai Zhi’s body, Hexi turned around to leave when suddenly, from behind her, she heard a faint sigh. “Such a vicious Baby Doll! Not even such cruel torture was enough, you even went and destroyed that person’s body, exterminating all traces of her. Haha, but whatever, you let me see such a good play.”

Hexi abruptly quivered all over, then quickly turned around.

But once she turned around, it was to discover that there was no one there, it was just an empty alley. Not even a person’s shadow could be seen, and yet she had obviously heard someone’s voice. Moreover, even though she was releasing her spiritual power and Divine Sense with all her might, she couldn’t sense the slightest hint of another party’s existence.

How could this be possible?! Even if it was Nangong Yu standing in the shadows, her highly perceptive awareness would be able to sense him! In the end, just how powerful was this person?!

Hexi became frightened, however, on the surface she still looked calm. With her eyes tightly scrutinising her surroundings, she coldly shouted, “Who are you? A person who hides their head and only reveals their tail while peeping on others, is that decent behaviour?”

The sound of laughter suddenly echoed throughout the empty alley, and this time since Hexi was listening very carefully, she discovered that it was the voice of a man. Furthermore, it was the voice of an old man.

While Hexi was still bewildered, a figure unexpectedly appeared in front of her out of thin air.

It was an old man dressed in rags with messy hair and a dirty appearance. As an indescribable stench wafted from his body, he examined Hexi and laughed. Standing in the alley, he would occasionally take long gulps from a broken gourd bottle in one of his hands.

An old beggar man such as this could be said to be a common sight on this street. If he were to mix in with the other beggars lying on the ground in piles at night, no one would be able to detect any abnormalities.

But at first glance of this person Hexi had felt like she was facing an enemy, and was unwilling to let down her guard in the slightest.

Because, even with her extraordinary abilities and how she was able to effortlessly determine Nangong Yu’s rank, she was completely unable to determine the rank of the old beggar man before her eyes.

And this old beggar man, not only had he been able to follow her without her realising, but he had also managed to see through her disguise as a man with just a glance.

What made Hexi even more apprehensive, was that after Dandan had noticed the old beggar man, he kept shouting at her in a panic from her space. “Mother, I’m afraid!” Then hide in the Spirit Firmament Palace and don’t dare come out!

Dandan’s fear, coupled with how she still couldn’t sense any spiritual power fluctuations coming from the old beggar man’s body, could only prove that the old beggar man’s rank was higher than her’s.

But, Hexi’s character has always been one that would rather break than bend. Even if she was facing a strong opponent that would end with a fight to the death, she would never choose to back down and show weakness.

Therefore, after only being shocked for a moment, she then coldly asked, “Who are you that you’ve come to fight for justice for her, were you that woman’s partner?”

“Baby Doll, your looks are very pretty, but how can your eyesight be so bad? Does this old man look like that woman’s partner?!” Hearing what she asked, the old beggar man became angry. As he jumped around and pointed at Hexi while scolding her, he completely lacked the poise and refinement of a gentleman.

If Hexi hadn’t known beforehand that he was a high level expert, she would seriously think that this was just an insane old man.

Hexi sneered. “Peeping from the shadows, following someone, and saying bad things behind a person’s back; those things don’t count as decent behaviour, right?”

The old man choked, his beard whipping furiously through the air as he replied, “This old man is clearly an honourable and moral person, how could this be considered as peeping?! It’s you, Baby Doll’s ability that’s not decent! Just because you were unable to discover this old man’s presence…why do you have to blame me?!”

Hexi was too lazy to pay attention to this old beggar man who seemed like an annoying troublemaker any longer. Since he had no malice towards her, then it wasn’t necessary for her to debate with him anymore.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》