The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 198 – Shameless Old Man
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 198 – Shameless Old Man

Chapter 198 – Shameless Old Man

This was due to the withered spiritual plants and spiritual herbs found in Yan Jing City. Because of the spiritual power vortex draining the energy out of them, the price for just one spiritual plant stalk, or one spiritual herb stalk, would now greatly increase. And since all the spiritual plants in Yan Jing City were now withered; including the ones stored in jade boxes, people who refined pills and used the spiritual plants for medical treatments, now had no other choice than to purchase them from outside the city. Thus, this would cause the price of medicinal pills and spiritual plants to naturally rise at a frantic pace.

Hexi recalled the medical herbs, and the large pile of first grade medicinal pills, that she had just finished refining in her space. As a corner of her mouth perked up, a sly smile was reflected in her eyes.

It seemed that an opportunity for her to make a fortune had finally arrived.

The old beggar man following beside Hexi noticed that her expression changed. Rolling his eyes, he laughed as he said, “Ohh, I wonder if you’ve heard about the unusual phenomenon that occurred a few nights ago? It was so dramatic, that even the drunken me was awoken by that thing. Tsk tsk, I wonder what sort of senseless person advanced in rank and caused such a huge commotion! If other people had observed this, it would certainly be disastrous! Although, with this so called unusual phenomenon, there must certainly be treasures. On the surface it appears that the influential families haven’t yet made a move, but secretly, they must be looking for the source. Hey, it’ll surely be very lively in Yan Jing City in the future, right?”

As the old beggar man was talking, every so often he would glance at Hexi’s face to gauge her reactions. With what he was implying, it was clear that he already knew Hexi was the main culprit behind the phenomenon.

Hexi wasn’t surprised that the old beggar man knew. When she had been wrapped up in the old beggar man’s spiritual power awhile ago, she was unable to shield herself and had felt like everything was visible to him. This included the secret of her space and muddled dantian.

But, there was no greed or killing intent in the old beggar man’s eyes. Instead, there was cunningness and delight; like he was watching a good show.

Hexi’s face was blank as she spoke. “Oh, is that so? Such a mystical scene, I wish I had also seen it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in the city that day, so I didn’t get to see it.”

The old beggar man’s eyebrows raised and he lightly laughed. “Baby Doll, it’s okay to try and deceive others, but it’s naive of you to try and lie to this old man. If I’m not mistaken, the seal within your body was only lifted a short while ago, right? That seal was rather complicated. If that seal had been at its strongest, then even this old man would have had to expend a lot of energy to remove it. For you to have been able to lift the seal so you could advance in rank, you would have naturally required a great amount of spiritual power. Calculating the time of your advancement, it seems to coincide with the time the unusual phenomenon occurred.”

Speaking until here, the smile on the old beggar man’s face became somewhat wicked. “You tell me; with so many coincidences, if it was noticed by anyone observant, wouldn’t they suspect you? I’m afraid that…many influential families would assume the worst and not let you off?”

Hexi stopped walking and coldly looked at him. “In the end, what is it that you want?”

The old beggar man was startled, promptly repeating his request. “Pay your respects to me as a Master!” And then give me delicious food every day!

Without the slightest hesitation, Hexi shook her head. “No!”

“Aren’t you afraid that I’ll leak your secrets?” The old beggar man asked in disbelief. Why is this girl so stubborn?

Hexi sneered, splaying out her hands palm up before her. “Do whatever you wish!”

Even if he leaked her secrets, so what? Without evidence, how would he be able to prove it? As long as Dandan’s existence wasn’t revealed, based only on her unsealed muddled dantian, she really didn’t believe that she would be hunted down by the martial artists of Mi Luo continent.

As for those who offended her, she wouldn’t hold back and would pay them back a hundredfold!

Of course, the most important thing is that Hexi had now come to a conclusion. Such a thing as daring to make another person’s secret public, it really was a degrading act. This old beggar man who claimed to be Daoist Spiritual Master Xuan Qing, he was simply not worth thinking about!


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