The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 199 – Destined Person
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 199 – Destined Person

Chapter 199 – Destined Person

When the old beggar man noticed Hexi’s carefree attitude, he became incensed.

Since the start he had been speaking until the skin on his lips became chapped, yet this little girl remained completely unmoved!

Paying respects to him as a Master was an opportunity that people yearned for, something they dreamed about! Yet why is there such a smelly girl in this world who didn’t even put him in her eyes?!

And yet even though this little girl had nothing but disdain for him, he was still following her! At first it was only for food, but now, he wanted to make this girl kowtow before him for just one breath!

To think that he was the dignified Daoist Spiritual Master Xuan Qing, could it be that…he would have to yield to a little girl? What a joke!

During the old beggar man’s endless talking, Hexi finally arrived at the foot of Cang Mountain.

Currently, there were countless martial artists gathered on the east side of Cang Mountain. What made Hexi apprehensive though, was that compared to the previous collection of Meridians stage martial artists, there were now even several Gold Core stage martial artists loitering around too.

Most of them circled around the base of Cang Mountain, while everyone’s eyes were trying to fixedly stare into the depths of Cang Mountain. Sometimes they would look at each other with mutual understanding, their eyes brimming with a sparkling radiance.

However the strangest part was, that amongst all these cultivators, no one dared to enter the depths of Cang Mountain. Even the several low level martial artists that had still been lingering around Cang Mountain a few days ago were now no longer visible. The people standing at the foot of Cang Mountain had clearly reached a consensus. Now they were waiting at the foot of Cang Mountain, waiting for an important moment to approach.

In the end, what was actually inside Cang Mountain that made this group of people so determined to wait?

But after seeing so many Gold Core stage martial artists, and even the arrival of a few Nascent Soul stage martial artists, Hexi completely stopped that train of thought.

She was arrogant, but she wasn’t conceited enough to think that she could handle two Gold Core stage martial artists. There was only one choice; if there was a group of Gold Core stage martial artists against her, then of course she would run away.

What caused Hexi to rejoice though, is that even all the martial artists were congregating around Cang Mountain, apparently everyone was already determined to focus on the direction of the entrance, which was on the west side of Cang Mountain. And since Cang Mountain was so vast, the north side was located on the other side of the country.

Therefore, looking at the current situation, it seemed that her courtyard was still safe. Since the group of martial artists’ eyes were all focused towards the west side, no one would come to inquire about a remote and shabby courtyard on the east side of Cang Mountain.

Hexi let out a sigh of relief, but then noticed that somewhere along the way the noisy old beggar man had suddenly become quiet.

Hexi turned to see that the old beggar man was frowning as he pointedly looked at Cang Mountain. He then quietly muttered, “I didn’t expect that so many people would already be here…could it be that it really is…”

His next few words were too vague and muffled for Hexi to make out. Turning slightly to glance at Hexi, he continued and said, “Perhaps this was fated, and you’re the destined person.”

What destined person! Has this old beggar man become insane? Instead of talking nonsense, he’s now talking about something strange?

However, watching the martial artists’ and the old beggar man’s countenance, it seemed like there really was a secret territory hidden within Cang Mountain?

It was obviously a mountain without spiritual energy, and even the spiritual plants and spiritual beasts lacked spiritual energy, so how could there be a secret place?

“Baby Doll, do you want to go to the secret territory?”

The old beggar man’s voice suddenly echoed in her ears, and Hexi instantly responded with, “I don’t want to!”

The old beggar man’s patient expression immediately stiffened, and he exclaimed in disbelief, “Baby Doll, don’t you know about the thousand year old secret territory? It’s a treasure filled land that all martial artists yearn to find! Home to a countless number of treasures, there’s also the opportunity that you might find something beyond your wildest dreams! Why don’t you want to go?”


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