The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 203 – Adorable Little Pig
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 203 – Adorable Little Pig

Chapter 203 – Adorable Little Pig

Of course, what made Hexi the happiest was the nature defying harvest from the Ancient Rhyme Spiritual Field.

Looking at the small mountain of spiritual vegetables, spiritual fruits, and spiritual herbs, Hexi’s eyebrows raised with delight. In her mind, she calculated the amount of crystal stones she could earn.

After she gained the crystal stones, she could use them to reorganise and expand her small courtyard. With all the activity surrounding Cang Mountain, she wanted to shore up her courtyard’s defences.

Once she had finished sorting out the Ancient Rhyme Spiritual Field, she realised that it was now morning outside her space.

Stretching out her body, Hexi stroked Dandan’s small head. “Okay, I’m going to go now. You behave in here, I’ll come and visit you often.”

“Noo~” Dandan tightly clutched Hexi’s clothes with tears streaming down his cheeks, unwilling to release her. “Mother, let me go out with you, okay?”

Dandan’s big, watery, and misty eyes were a weapon that no one could resist.

Yet although Hexi felt distressed for a moment, she still firmly shook her head. “No, don’t you remember what Old Man Xumi said? If people were to recognise you, it would be very dangerous. Besides, your appearance is so unusual that it would definitely attract attention.”

Hearing this, Dandan immediately began crying and rolling about on the ground. Sobbing and sniffling, he refused to speak, instead continuing to loudly weep. This kind of attitude would melt the heart of anyone, even the most hard-hearted person.

Hexi sighed. “Dandan, it isn’t that I don’t want to bring you out, it’s just that your appearance is honestly too extraordinary. If I were to let you out, you and I will both be in danger. Unless…you can change your appearance into something less conspicuous?”

Dandan blinked his big eyes, his golden bean shaped tears immediately stopping. Lifting his small head, he said, “Change my appearance…like this?”

Dandan’s voice had barely faded, when a roast suckling pig suddenly appeared before her eyes.

The eyes of the roast suckling pig rolled around, looking extremely ridiculous.

But aside from that, all the other details; including the alluring fragrance, were exactly the same as with the roast suckling pig that Hexi had previously made.

Hexi watched as this ‘roast suckling pig’ blinked it’s big eyes, and when it hopped around on it’s short legs, she couldn’t help but laugh.

Could her Dandan be any more amusing?

While Dandan jumped about excitedly, he asked, “Mother, Mother, is it okay like this? Dandan’s spiritual power doesn’t leak either!”

This was true, Dandan had changed into a roast suckling pig, and except for his eyes, there was nothing unusual about him. He was just like a roast suckling pig, and even with Hexi’s sharp senses, she was unable to detect any spiritual power fluctuations coming from his body.

It seemed that Dandan’s transformation technique, and a common martial artist’s transformation technique, were completely different. An ordinary person really wouldn’t be able to notice at all.

Hexi pondered for a moment, then said to Dandan, “Dandan, change the colour of your skin into a pale pink…mhmm, exactly like that. Now change your height; become a bit smaller. Shorten your nose a little…”

Under Hexi’s instructions Dandan’s appearance changed little by little, until finally, an adorable pale pink little pig stood before her.

She had seen this little pig on television before in her past life. It was the leading character of an animated film named McDull[1], who was once extremely popular in her past life.

Since Hexi was an assassin in her previous life, she naturally hadn’t had any time to watch cartoons. But once, when she was carrying out a mission, she had glanced at a television and her mind automatically remembered its image. So when Dandan had turned into a roast suckling pig, she naturally thought of it.

Looking at Dandan’s version of McDull, Hexi nodded. “Mhm, perfect! Now, you can go out with me.”

Hexi intended to first test out his appearance in her courtyard. If the people in her courtyard were unable to make out anything unusual about Dandan, then the risk of taking Dandan out of her courtyard with her would be much smaller.

[1]McDull. Lol


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