The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 205 – Medicinal Pill Appraisal
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 205 – Medicinal Pill Appraisal

Chapter 205 – Medicinal Pill Appraisal

“Miss, if I may ask, do these Spiritual Supplement Pills also need to be sold to Sheng De Hall?”

Hexi shook her head while smiling slightly. “No need, I leave it up to you on how to deal with them, I only need to see a sufficient amount of benefits.”

The value of a medicinal pill was higher than that of a spiritual plant. Hexi was able to sell her spiritual plants to shopkeeper Zhou, but she wasn’t able to sell medicinal pills to him! She was counting on the sale of medicinal pills to earn enough money to accomplish her courtyard’s defence system!


Zhangsan had the bottle of Spiritual Supplement Pills that Hexi had given to him, and he couldn’t help but swallow a pill before doing anything else.

As a result, intense spiritual power spread throughout his dantian in a flash, circulating to every one of his meridians. It was obviously such a strong force of spiritual power, but where it flowed through his meridians, there wasn’t the slightest trace of pain! Instead, he was so comfortable that he wanted to groan.

Half an hour later, Zhangsan stopped meditating and stood up to examine his cultivation base. Shock immediately flashed across his face.

He’d had a breakthrough? Within only half an hour, he had actually managed to breakthrough from the fifth rank of Qi Refining stage, to the sixth rank Qi Refining stage? Moreover, his meridians hadn’t suffered any damage; it was as if there were no impurities at all in the medicinal pills!

This…is a first grade Spiritual Supplement Pill supposed to be so strong? Or did the Young Miss give him a special medicine?

Zhangsan’s eyes shone brilliantly as he hurriedly left the courtyard. First, he brought the spiritual herbs to shopkeeper Zhou to sell, and then he signed a long-term supply contract with him.

And without showing the bottle of medicinal pills that he carried, he proceeded to head towards a medicine institute that specialised in appraising medicinal pills.

He believed that the Spiritual Supplement Pills that his Young Miss refined would certainly be graded as extraordinary; for sure they’ll be the highest first grade medicinal pill possible. When it became time for the medicine institute to issue an appraisal certificate, so that the medicinal pills could be sold at auction, he firmly believed that they would be able to get a good price.

Zhangsan chose Yan Jing City’s most famous medicine institute to appraise the medicinal pills; Jin Ling’s Imperial Pharmaceutical Institution.

Yet after just entering the Imperial Pharmaceutical Institution, Zhangsan found his path abruptly blocked by someone.

The servant boy in charge of registration at the Imperial Pharmaceutical Institution noticed Zhangsan’s wretched clothes and low cultivation base, and he couldn’t help but say with contempt, “Hey you, do you know that the cost of appraising a medicinal pill is at least ten crystals, while the highest appraisal costs one thousand crystals? Do you have enough for the appraisal fee?”

Zhangsan’s eyes immediately lowered, and from a chest pocket he fished out one hundred crystals, placing them on a nearby table. With a quiet voice he then said, “I want an advanced appraisal for a first grade medicinal pill.”

When the servant boy saw the one hundred crystals, he stared blankly for a moment, before he then registered Zhangsan’s words. Bursting into a fit of laughter, he said, “You came here just to get an appraisal for a first grade medicinal pill? Moreover, an advanced appraisal? Does your brain have some sort of illness?”

At the Imperial Pharmaceutical Institution, there were different appraisals available for medicinal pills. Of course, the higher the level, the more that could be detected about the composition and element attributes, better allowing the examiner to determine the value of the medicinal pill.

But if the medicinal pill itself was of poor quality, then to ask for an advanced appraisal would not only not have any benefits, it would instead reveal the ignorance and stupidity of the owner of the medicinal pill. If the owner were to spend so much money on such an appraisal, it would only end with people mocking them.

Zhangsan said, “That’s right, I want an advanced appraisal on a first grade medicinal pill. As long as I can afford to pay with crystal stones, what is it any of your business what I want to appraise?”

The servant boy sneered, his gaze filled with contempt as he looked at Zhangsan. “Nowadays there’s no lack of people like you. You accidentally get your hands on a medicinal pill, and then right away you think you picked up a priceless treasure, eagerly coming to us to appraise it. Hehehe, let me tell you, people like you will ultimately feel disappointment. Do you still think you’ve come to appraise a treasure now?!”

While the servant boy had been speaking he had registered Zhangsan’s medicinal pill, ordering someone to deliver it to the evaluation room.

With a calm and collected face, Zhangsan stood waiting on the side, completely without the intention of refuting the servant boy.


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