The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 207 – Visiting Cang Mountain
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 207 – Visiting Cang Mountain

Chapter 207 – Visiting Cang Mountain

Zhangsan stood in place in a daze, and while he could hear the Vice-Head of the Imperial Pharmaceutical Institution politely discussing contracts, he only felt dizzy; like he was walking on air.

What kind of frightening talent did his Young Miss possess in the end?!

If this kind of medicinal pill was to be sold, and this kind of attribute appraisal result was to spread out, it would absolutely turn all of Jin Ling Kingdom’s low level martial artists upside down, right?


While Zhangsan was negotiating contract terms, Hexi was standing on a certain hill on the east side of Cang Mountain. From a distance, she could see plumes of grey fog rising from the top of Cang Mountain, and as she stared at it, she found herself contemplating.

In regards to Cang Mountain, she had researched about it in some of Mi Luo continent’s ancient books and records.

It was said that more than a thousand years ago Cang Mountain was once full of vitality. However, all in one night, every living thing on Cang Mountain suddenly died.

Moreover, after that, any martial artist that futilely tried to enter into the depths of Cang Mountain never returned; even their bones couldn’t be found.

And as time passed, all the spiritual plants growing on Cang Mountain began to vanish, along with all the animals. The only thing to remain was a powerful darkness, where dark spiritual beasts would occasionally roam.

Some people said that Cang Mountain was cursed, and that anyone who ventured near would be cursed too, until finally, they suffered an unnatural death.

Hexi of course didn’t believe in curses, but since Cang Mountain was obviously devoid of spiritual power fluctuations, it really gave her a strange feeling.

The thing she found strangest of all though, was that she felt like something in Cang Mountain was faintly calling to her, and as time went on, this feeling only become stronger.

Recalling that some time ago there was a blast of power, followed by spiritual beasts that headed towards her courtyard from Cang Mountain, Hexi’s brows wrinkled. It was fortunate that last time Xiao Li was able to hold it back, so that the people in her courtyard were able to escape from disaster. But if it were to happen again, everyone would certainly be in danger.

Glancing at Xi Jia and the others that were currently training in the valley, she then turned to glance at her courtyard where there was a curl of smoke rising from the kitchen chimney. Abruptly, she quietly said, “Dandan, we’re going to enter Cang Mountain and have a look around.”

Standing beside her, Dandan immediately lit up with happiness once he heard this and said gleefully, “Okay! Dandan wants to go on an adventure together with Mother the most~”

Recently, the things occurring in the vicinity of Cang Mountain had made Hexi become somewhat concerned.

The current atmosphere surrounding Cang Mountain was very unstable; it was nowhere near calm and safe. Instead, it was very likely that since every major force in the Jin Ling Kingdom would end up fighting over the secret territory, this area would become a slaughterhouse.

Although she was fond of this courtyard, in the end, the people here were more important to her than any object. So for those people, she would head to the east side of Cang Mountain and properly examine it. If it turned out that it wasn’t suitable to stay here anymore, she would still be able to move everyone as quickly as possible.

Bringing only Dandan along with her, Hexi didn’t notify Wet Nurse Chen and the others. Instead, she chose to trust Xiao Li to pass on the message, before she then entered Cang Mountain.

As she only planned to quickly examine the east side of Cang Mountain, she assumed that she wouldn’t be away for more than three days.

Since Hexi had been watching the black fog rising from Cang Mountain at a distance for quite a while now, she figured that the area closer to the mountain would be covered in a thick layer of fog; permeated with a sinister aura.

However, as she got closer, she discovered that there were a lot of healthy green plants. Moreover, although there were no spiritual plants, and also no spiritual energy, the air was actually fresh and clean.

There were even quite a lot of unknown wild flowers growing on the roadside, each of them emitting bursts of a flowery fragrance capable of lifting a person’s spirit.

Dandan, who had been closed away in Hexi’s space, and then the courtyard for a long time, was now like a wild horse out of control as he ran around everywhere, exploring this unusual and vast area inside of Cang Mountain.

Hexi of course wasn’t actually worried about Dandan’s safety, as the two of them were connected. If Dandan was to run into danger, she would naturally be able to be there straight away.

But, not long after entering Cang Mountain, the previously frolicking Dandan ran back to her, his small and short legs trembling.


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