The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 214 – The Door Of Emptiness
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 214 – The Door Of Emptiness

Chapter 214 – The Door Of Emptiness

“Little sister Lian Ying is kind-hearted,” Standing beside the woman dressed in white, a man dressed in purple robes laughed and said, “In my opinion, since this group of ants is incapable of recognising their own abilities, it would only serve them right if they were to die. In Mi Luo Continent, the weak are prey for the strong; they simply don’t have any other value. If they have delusions of snatching away things that aren’t rightfully theirs, then that’s their own fault for overestimating their capabilities.”

Feng Lian Ying slightly laughed, but otherwise didn’t respond to the man in purple robes. Instead, she gazed at the handsome young man beside her. “Brother Yu, why do think the secret territory has opened so early?”

Nangong Yu shook his head, and as he stared up at The Door Of Emptiness bathed in a golden light, his eyes flashed.

The man in purple robes laughed, “Who cares why it’s opened so early! No matter what the reason, we must be the ones to get the things found inside. Little sister, when we find the treasure, you get to choose what you want first.”

A bright and beautiful smile plastered itself across Feng Lian Ying’s face. “You promising alone doesn’t count. What if by chance Brother Yu and the other don’t agree.”

“What’s the relationship between you and Nangong, how could he not agree?” The man in purple robes laughed as he spoke, but his tone was somewhat sour as he looked at Feng Lian Ying and implied more than friendship. “As for the rest, Tian Rui is your biological brother. How could he not yield to you, his baby sister?”

Hearing this, Feng Lian Ying smiled bashfully and secretly glanced at Nangong Yu.

But Nangong Yu just looked at the sky, his expression grave.

Feng Lian Ying’s heart sunk, and a dark light appeared in her eyes. Standing beside her Zi Yan observed the mood of her Young Miss fall, so suddenly moving closer to her ear, she whispered, “Miss, I wonder whether or not that Young Master Xi will also join in the fray of entering The Door Of Emptiness? His cultivation base is only at Qi Refining stage, so if he goes in, most likely he will die on the peripheral of the secret territory. Perhaps he won’t even make it to the borders of the Sealed Dragon Domain! If he were to die inside…”

A corner of Feng Lian Ying’s mouth stretched into a shallow arc. As this was happening the beautiful eyes of the man in purple robes; which were like tranquil lakes reflecting the sun, watched as her expression became blank.

At this moment, a man’s deep and cold voice was heard, “Nangong, everything is ready, we can enter now.”


At this time, Hexi had just stepped foot into the Sealed Dragon Domain’s most inner enchantment and was completely unaware that because of her, the secret territory had opened earlier than planned.

After barely entering the narrow crack in the door, Hexi abruptly felt like her body was being ripped apart and twisted; even her soul seemed to be squeezed out.

When she could finally stand firmly with great difficulty, she slowly opened her eyes, and she couldn’t help but be stunned by the scene before her.

Here is…a strange mountain forest? Hexi’s feet stepped on the dark green lawn. In front of her, there was a verdant and lush ancient tree forest, while extending into the distance, she could make out a river and mountain peaks. There even appeared to be pure white snow covering the summits.

Hexi turned around and discovered that there was no longer an iron door behind, rather, there was now a towering cliff. Growing across the surface of the cliff were hundreds of brightly coloured, fragrant flowers.

What is this place? How come there were all kinds of landforms centralised in one area? Especially the soil and stones of the cliff. Many different kinds of colours were visible, so it seemed like several different mountains jumbled together!

Hexi took a few steps towards the direction of the forest. The trees in here were all very tall, and all extremely rich in spiritual energy. Looking into the distance at the clouds and mist curling around the tops of the trees with the bright contrasting colours; Hexi thought that it looked as beautiful as a fairyland.

Dandan had already hopped down from Hexi’s shoulder, and striding a few steps forward with his short hooves, he inhaled deeply through his small nose and said, “Mother, the smell in here is so nice~ There’s something delicious in here!”


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