The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 228 – Becoming Stronger Again
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 228 – Becoming Stronger Again

Chapter 228 – Becoming Stronger Again

She didn’t want to return to the days when she was taken advantage of and humiliated; she didn’t want to lose her freedom and become a puppet.

She desired a part of the world she could call her own, so no one would dare look down on her and humiliate her!

She wanted to possess a supreme power that would help her to protect the people who were important to her, and the strength to punish those who would injure her and those she cared about.

For such a purpose, she was willing to endure all kinds of suffering torments!

As long as she could become stronger by tolerating any kind of suffering in exchange, she wouldn’t give in!

A violent surge of spiritual power washed over her body and kept flowing all the way through, ultimately gathering in her dantian. Then, her originally vast dantian, at this moment gradually became larger as a tiny whirlpool formed.

Hexi’s whole body began to slowly emit a multicoloured light.


On the outside of the Inheritance void, the imprint of Zijin’s Master was leisurely watching the two people who were in the middle of being tested.

When he saw Feng Lian Ying pull out the Spirit Powder Pill and swallow it, a corner of his mouth couldn’t help but lift into a sneer. “Such a mighty Gold Core stage martial artist can’t actually bear such a test of willpower, while on the contrary, that little girl of Foundation Establishment stage is better. She clearly isn’t aware that this test, although painful, is the best place for Gold Core stage martial artists to cultivate, tsk tsk…she really doesn’t know how to use things to the best of her advantage!”

After that his gaze turned to look at Hexi, his brows slightly wrinkling. “This little girl’s state and willpower is really formidable, it’s enough to easily intimidate people. Yet after all, she’s only a Foundation Establishment stage martial artist, I’m afraid that for her to pass this test is…perhaps…”

Suddenly, the imprint of Zijin’s Master’s voice halted, his face a mask of shock. “This little girl…what is she doing?!”

In the Inheritance void, the multicoloured lights from Hexi’s body became brighter and brighter, while a tiny vortex began to appear in her dantian.

As the vortex spun, the spiritual energy in the Inheritance void begun to franticly enter Hexi’s body. Along with the spiritual energy, her meridians that had barely been tolerating the pain of Burning Heart And Forged Body slowly started to restore and become even tougher.

“Was that even possible?” The imprint of Zijin’s Master exclaimed lightly and following this, his face broke into a delighted smile.

Perhaps, just maybe, this little girl could really create a miracle.

In the Inheritance void, following the spiritual energy entering Hexi’s body, Hexi could feel the pain in her body slowly beginning to decrease and her cultivation base starting to advance once more. Slowly, she went from the middle of Foundation Establishment stage, advancing to the peak of Foundation Establishment stage.

Moreover, she could feel that after going through this process of Burning Heart And Forged Body, her meridians and dantian had become much stronger than before. On top of that, the impurities that had been accumulating because of absorbing too much spiritual energy from foreign sources had also disappeared without a trace.

She, Hexi, had become stronger once more!

Suddenly, she heard a familiar deep and quiet voice in her ears, “Congratulations; together the both of you have passed the test of Burning Heart And Forged Body.”

Hexi was surprised, and as she opened her eyes, it was to see the scenery before her eyes starting to blur. When she could focus once again, she was startled to find that she now appeared in a refined, simple, and unadorned room.

Sitting on an armchair near the front of the room there was a young man with a graceful mien. He was none other than the imprint of Zijin’s Master who had been speaking in the Inheritance void a moment ago.

Standing beside Hexi there was a woman dressed in white, and as soon as Hexi saw her, she frowned slightly.

Feng Lian Ying! So she even entered Zijin Palace too!

When Feng Lian Ying noticed Hexi standing undamaged in front of her, she almost crushed her own teeth due to hatred.

This stinky boy, obviously his cultivation base was as low as an ants, so how could he be so lucky every time? He was even able to survive the pain of Burning Heart And Forged Body!


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