The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 236 – Gluttonous Nature
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 236 – Gluttonous Nature

Chapter 236 – Gluttonous Nature

With such a scene before her, Hexi wasn’t afraid in the slightest. Instead, she extended her hand to lightly touch the tip of Qing Sha’s tongue as it poked out from its huge mouth.

In the next moment, the thing that made Feng Lian Ying and Zijin’s Master stupefied occurred; the spirit beast that had been looking like a monster with bared fangs suddenly quieted down! It even smacked its lips while revealing an expression of joy.

Zijin’s Master was stunned, yet when he saw something sparkling flash within Hexi’s palm, he chuckled wryly.

So, it was like that! That girl unexpectedly used that method to tame his Qing Sha. That girl was simply…simply too clever!

Now that the fierce and terrifying looks Qing Sha had been making a moment ago were no more, it was currently behaving like a real pet dog; incessantly rubbing against Hexi with eager and expectant expressions.

Then, Hexi turned her wrist, and soon a piece of cake dropped onto her palm, the cake emitting rich spiritual energy along with a sweet smell.

This wasn’t just an ordinary piece of cake, but rather, she had produced this cake after mixing in a small amount of spirit water and basing it on the cheesecake recipes from her past life.

She had known that the spirit beasts of this world had preferences similar to that of humans, and furthermore, that many spirit beasts liked honey desserts.

Although she didn’t know how to tame spirit beasts; she did know that it was common to have a gluttonous nature in this world.

Without mentioning spirit beasts, even intellectual people like Nangong Yu found the deliciousness of the superb cake on Hexi’s hand hard to resist.

Everyone watching fell into an unspeakable silence. So when Feng Lian Ying saw Qing Sha rubbing against Hexi with its big head, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

She had relied on her skills as a master beast tamer, and the secret treasure; the Yin And Yang Bell given to her by her Master, to help her. Unfortunately, even she was unable to tame the spirit beast. Yet to her surprise, under this stinky boy, Xi Yue’s hands, it had become so obedient.

How could this be possible?! That brat must have used some shameful method and cheated! That must be it!

Zijin’s Master quickly recovered, then faintly laughed before he said, “The outcome of the third test has been decided. Little boy, I congratulate you on receiving my Maha Inheritance.”

A corner of Hexi’s mouth curled up into a meaningful smile, but before she even had time to speak, Feng Lian Ying started screaming out of control. “This is impossible! I don’t believe that he was able to tame Qing Sha! Even I, a Gold Core stage master beast tamer was unable to subdue that ferocious beast, so how could he, mere trash on Qi Refining stage have been able to subdue it?! I’m sure he must have used some sort of shameful trick! Zijin’s Master, you’re a wise person, so by all means you shouldn’t be deceived by him!”

A trace of contempt rapidly flashed within the eyes of Zijin’s Master, but the expression on his face didn’t change in the slightest as he indifferently said, “During this third test, the one who relied on their own ability, and the one who cheated, I indeed saw it all clearly. When you used a Spirit Powder Pill to avoid feeling the pain of Burning Heart and Forged Body, I didn’t interfere and allowed you to pass. Do you really think that I knew nothing about your little tricks?”

“That’s…that’s different!” Feng Lian Ying shouted quietly, but then the complexion on her face darkened into an ugly shade of red.

What Zijin’s Master said wasn’t wrong; if she could use small tricks to pass the tests, then why couldn’t that stinky boy? She had cheated her way through all of the tests, so what qualifications did she have to accuse him?

But, for the purpose of obtaining this Inheritance, how many years had they, the Liu Li sect been preparing? How much of their strength and their resources had they spent? Even her Master had given her precious treasures over, even though she normally guarded them carefully. And when she had done so, she had repeatedly told Feng Lian Ying that she must receive the Inheritance.


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