The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 237 – Spiritual Sense
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 237 – Spiritual Sense

Chapter 237 – Spiritual Sense

Now, with such an outcome, how could she be willing to accept it!

Feng Lian Ying grit her teeth, and after aiming a look of resentment towards Hexi, she then turned her gloomy and cold gaze towards Zijin’s Master. “Zijin’s Master, are you really disregarding the old kindness of my Family Head, and giving Zijin Palace’s Inheritance to this stinky brat? Don’t forget, his cultivation base is merely on Qi Refining stage, and moreover, he is insupportable and has no foundations. Plus, he has no family background, so when the time comes that people under heaven know about the matter of him receiving the Inheritance, he might even be unable to keep his small life. Zijin’s Master, aren’t you worried that your Inheritance might cease to exist in his hands?”

Not waiting for Zijin’s Master to reply, Feng Lian Ying raised her chin in arrogance and continued, “But with my Liu Li sect it’s different, if the Inheritance is in my hands, I can ensure I’ll make the best use of it. With the power and influence of my Liu Li sect, who in this land would dare to covet it! On top of this, my Family Head will owe you a big favour as well! Such a result has many advantages, without disadvantages, for Zijin’s Master. Hence, Zijin’s Master, you really won’t consider it once again?”

Finished saying these words, Feng Lian Ying’s confidence was brimming; she believed that as long as people had a brain, they would know how to choose.

This stinky brat Xi Yue’s cultivation base was low, he had a lowly status, and except for his good luck in passing the three rounds of assessments, what else did he have?

However, contrary to what Feng Lian Ying expected, after Zijin’s Master heard her speech, a glint of coldness flashed within his eyes as sharp as a blade. Then suddenly, a burst of icy cold power pressure erupted from his body. “It seems that I’ve forgotten to tell you; I’m the same as Qing Sha, and one of the things I loathe the most is when other people threaten me. Your skills are inferior, you lost the competition, and in spite of everything, you still dare to talk nonsense in here! You’re overestimating your capabilities!”

“Considering your Master’s face, I’ll spare your life today, but right now, I want you to immediately leave this Inheritance Void! Don’t let me see you again!”

His words had barely fallen when Feng Lian Ying felt a sharp pain throughout her entire body, and in the blink of an eye, she sank into darkness.

Feng Lian Ying’s figure gradually dissipated, leaving only Hexi and Zijin’s Master in the Inheritance void.

The body of Zijin’s Master then slowly floated upwards in the void, his deep and low voice resonating as if it was being projected from the horizon, “Little girl, are you ready to receive the Inheritance?”

Hexi nodded, her expression showing rare respectfulness. “Many thanks to Senior for bestowing such a generous gift!”

The face of Zijin’s Master showed the traces of a satisfied smile, and the in next moment, he and Qing Sha’s figures suddenly exploded into blinding white lights.

The white lights scattered in all directions, the sight resembling fireworks blooming from afar. Then, these lights rapidly shot towards Hexi, drilling into her mind and body.

Hexi uttered a muffled groan as she felt a strange energy incessantly surging and circulating within her body, which then slowly converged around her dantian.

And in her mind an avalanche of information began to appear, along with the words from Zijin’s Master.

“Little girl, in this secret territory, Qing Sha and I were only the remaining wisps of Spiritual Sense. And only by obtaining a Spiritual Sense, are you then able to open the Divine Key and practice the methods of my Zijin technique; the Maha Inheritance, to your hearts content.”

“After you’ve completed the acceptance of the Inheritance; Zijin Palace will disappear, and you will become the new owner of this secret territory. However, if you genuinely want to control the secret territory, you still need to do a lot of things…”

Hexi’s brows creased. Zijin’s Master had said that she would become the new owner of the secret territory, but he didn’t actually say how she would control the secret territory, right? Does this mean that she would have to explore the entire secret territory?

Currently, the secret territory was crawling with Gold Core stage and above martial artists. Moreover, there were many dangerous places with layer upon layer of protection, causing Hexi to feel her scalp become numb. If she wanted to explore the secret territory with her current strength, it would be even harder than reaching the sky.


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