The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 244 – Disappearance Of Zijin Palace
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 244 – Disappearance Of Zijin Palace

Chapter 244 – Disappearance Of Zijin Palace

Feeling pain in her head due to the blinding light, Feng Lian Ying quickly covered her eyes. And through the gaps between her fingers, she could vaguely see the blinding white light converging in one direction.

A gentle breeze blew past after the light had completely dissipated, and she was shocked to discover that she was no longer in Zijin Palace, but was now standing in a vast field.

No, it should be said, that Zijin Palace had completely disappeared.

And standing opposite her was Zhou Yan’an, who was still in a panicked state. Tied around his waist was a White Bone Whip, while his clothes were tattered and soaked with blood. His breath was released in pants, as if his spiritual power would dry up at any moment.

But Feng Lian Ying was already too busy to worry about Zhou Yan’an; her crazed, unwavering gaze falling on the teenager beside him.

“Xi Yue, you’re such a shameless person! Actually daring to receive the Inheritance!!”

Not only had he received the Inheritance, his cultivation base had also advanced extremely fast. When he was still in the Inheritance void he was obviously only at Qi Refining stage, but now he had reached Foundation Establishment stage! This must be because Zijin’s Master had passed down some sort of secret technique for him, to enhance his cultivation base in such a short amount of time!

If…if the one who received the Inheritance had been her, then perhaps she would’ve been able to break through to the peak of Gold Core stage. It was because this stinky brat! This bastard had caused her to lose her Inheritance!

As soon as Dandan saw that Hexi had awoken, he was no longer able to bear it and immediately pounced into her arms as he loudly cried, “Mother, you finally woke up…whaa…Dandan was scared he wouldn’t see you again…”

Once Hexi hugged Dandan, she felt that something was wrong. The little pink pig’s skin was previously soft and smooth, yet now it had become all wrinkled. Furthermore, the colour of his skin was all dull and lifeless, while in the corner of his mouth there was a distinct trail of blood.

“Dandan, are you injured?”

“Whaa…Mother, it was that evil woman who bullied us! She beat Longlong to death, and she even wanted to kill Mother and Uncle, whaa…”

Dandan wept with grief. Even though he was still immature, he had never in his life encountered anyone so repulsive and bloodthirsty. It was the first time he had known that people could be so awful, so cruel.

Hexi shifted her gaze towards the little Golden Dragon beside her foot, and saw that he was indeed covered all over with cuts and bruises. And as she examined his dying form, she noticed that even both of his horns were broken, exposing bloody wounds.

And laying at her side, with his spiritual power completely used up, was a man struggling to breathe. She instantly recognised him as shopkeeper Zhou of Sheng De hall.

This person and these spirit pets…had they ended up in such a miserable state in order to protect her?

A strange warm feeling surged in Hexi’s heart. It was sour and painful, making her feel touched and distressed at the same time.

But when her gaze moved towards Feng Lian Ying, the look on her face became cold and furious in a flash.

This is the so called Ice Lotus Fairy, whose skill in the Inheritance void had been inferior. She had actually wanted to kill her in the real world, even injuring Dandan so severely!

Thinking until here, the glint of a cold murderous aura flashed within Hexi’s eyes.

“Young Master Xi, you…hurry up and run away! We aren’t strong enough to be her opponents…” Zhou Yan’an said weakly. “I’ve informed my Young Master of the situation, so as long as my Young Master comes, he can save you…don’t mind me, quickly escape!”

A trace of surprise showed on Hexi’s face. She hadn’t expected that a stranger she would meet by chance would help her, but he had recklessly risked his life just for her.

Only, no matter what the purpose of Zhou Yan’an helping her was, was she, Hexi, the type of person who would abandon her benefactor and run away in order to protect her own safety?


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