The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 252 – Xi’er, Why Are You Here?
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 252 – Xi’er, Why Are You Here?

Chapter 252 – Xi’er, Why Are You Here?

Zhou Yan’an continued and said, “But after seeing Young Master Xi, this humble one suddenly felt that compared to a fabled pill prescription of Zijin’s Master, maybe Young Master Xi is our real saviour.”

Saviour? What does he mean?

Zhou Yan’an’s body was weak and his complexion pale, but at this moment, he got up from the ground and deeply bowed towards Hexi. “Young Master Xi, to be quite honest, this humble one risked his life to save you because there’s something I must request of you.”

“Tell me.”

“If this humble one didn’t guess wrong, Young Master Xi is the Genius Doctor who healed Ouyang’s heir.”

Zhou Yan’an was a little nervous as he looked at Hexi, and it wasn’t until she nodded in admission that he heaved a sigh of relief. He then continued and said, “After we leave the secret territory, this humble one wants to ask Young Master Xi for help with saving a person.”

Zhou Yan’an’s words were extremely straightforward, and Hexi released a long sigh.

She was most afraid of being slyly schemed against and used as a chess piece. Shopkeeper Zhou’s facade was plausible in how he dealt with business, but it was her most liked way of doing things.

In any case, it was best to be clear about any business transaction over owing an unfathomable favour.

Thinking up till here, Hexi slightly raised her head and lightly said, “Okay, I agree to your request. It can be regarded as returning your favour of today.”

The seventeen year old youngster didn’t have the slightest trace of hesitation on his face when speaking, and eyes were shining astonishingly bright.

If such words were said to others, it would make people feel that he was arrogant. But in the case of this youngster saying it before Zhou Yan’an, he felt that it was only right and hence he was incomparably happy and relieved.

When the two of them were chatting, Hexi’s expression suddenly changed slightly.

She sensed many people coming in their direction; each of their auras very powerful and frightening. Furthermore, she didn’t know whether it was a group of friends or foes.

Just when she was about to warn Zhou Yan’an and Gu Liufeng who was in the air, Feng Lian Ying abruptly uttered a pained screech. And like a kite being snapped from its string, she fluttered as she fell backwards towards the ground.

Gu Liufeng’s eyes filled with obvious astonishment, and then narrowing his eyes slightly, he revealed an interested smile.

The next moment, a murderous aura as sharp as a sword charged straight towards Gu Liufeng.

Gu Liufeng’s expression turned slightly serious, replacing the previously indifferent expression he had when battling with Feng Lian Ying. With a wave of his hand, a blazing red sword appeared gripped in his right hand.

Two swords then collided in high altitude, making an explosion of tremendous energy that caused spiritual energy to fluctuate throughout all of the secret territory.

After the explosion, Gu Liufeng stumbled backwards a step and slowly fell to the ground.

Because his Qi and blood were boiling, blood as bright red as a cherry started flowing down his thin lips that were exposed under the mask.

“Young Master, you’re injured?!” Zhou Yan’an exclaimed, then struggled to get up to treat Gu Liufeng.

Gu Liufeng smiled slightly, his deep gaze looking towards the people slowly appearing from not far away. His voice clear as he said, “His Highness Hell King’s cultivation base is profound, you really do have a well deserved reputation.”

Among the group of newcomers, many of them were Gold Core stage and above martial artists. In the front, a man dressed in a purple robe had anxiety plastered across his face as he held the deathly pale Feng Lian Ying in his arms, desperately shouting, “Little Sister Lian Ying, are you okay?!”

Behind the purple robed man, walking with an indifferent manner and a gloomy expression upon his face, was Nangong Yu with eyes as cold as ice.

Nangong Yu’s icy cold gaze swept over Gu Liufeng, and as they landed behind him, his eyes suddenly widened.

“Xi’er, how come you’re here?!!” Nangong Yu’s voice abruptly became high, causing everyone present to almost jump in shock.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》