The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 254 – Troubling Young Master Xi
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 254 – Troubling Young Master Xi

Chapter 254 – Troubling Young Master Xi

Hexi wasn’t angry with Feng Lian Ying’s shamelessness, nor was she angry with Nangong Yu’s heartlessness. Rather, she was angry towards herself for actually being tripped over by a stone twice.

She clearly knew that love and promises couldn’t be trusted, yet why did she still care about it like a dimwit?

And she clearly knew that she shouldn’t be tempted; that she couldn’t believe them. Yet why did she still allow other people to occupy her heart little by little?

Hexi, ah Hexi, in the end, what were you expecting? Were you expecting that Nangong Yu would abandon his childhood sweetheart and come to you? Or that you would be enough to turn him against his childhood sweetheart?

Haha, dream on!

But since she had now woken up to reality, if she were to withdraw now it wouldn’t be too late, would it?

Hexi’s hands tightly clenched into fists, not at all sensing her fingernails embedding themselves into her palms.

Suddenly, a man’s deep and magnetic voice entered her ears, “Tsk tsk, this could be disastrous. His Highness Hell King and his bodyguard Qing Long, as well as Liu Li sect’s senior disciple Nie Jinchen; all of these few people possess at least the high level strength of a Gold Core stage martial artist. His Highness Hell King is the strongest, so strong that no one can find out the depth of his strength. Now it seems that our situation is bad, really bad~”

Hexi came back to her senses and glanced at the man wearing bright red beside her. When she saw him say the words really bad, she noticed that his expression was relaxed and without a trace of worry.

But when he withstood Nangong Yu’s sword attack, he had obviously sustained a heavy surge of spiritual energy. Now the bright red blood on his thin lips had faded into a pale colour.

Hexi suddenly reached her hand out and gripped his wrist, then started pouring her spiritual power into his meridians.

Gu Liufeng was startled. By reflex he wanted to struggle and free his hand, but when he realised the way in which she was examining his condition, he couldn’t help but show an interested expression. “You’re the little Genius Doctor that Yan’an mentioned?”

But before Hexi could answer, Zhou Yan’an had already replied. “Young Master it is him; Genius Doctor Xi Yue. His medical skill has reached perfection! Even Ouyang’s heir was able to have his broken meridians healed after more than a year of disability, believe me…”

Zhou Yan’an hadn’t yet finished speaking when Gu Liufeng took back his hand, preventing Hexi from continuing to examine him.

Hexi didn’t force him, instead indifferently saying, “If you want to completely dissolve the energy from the sword concealed within your body, I need to give an acupuncture treatment to your three acupuncture points; lung meridian, shoulder meridian, and back meridian.”

Gu Liufeng stared blankly, then fixedly looked at her for a moment before suddenly laughing, “Then I’ll have to trouble Young Master Xi.”

After saying this, he didn’t mind in the slightest and took off his clothes, exposing the packed muscles and smooth veins on his naked upper body.

Hexi stood behind him and nimbly started to insert the Silver Needles in her hand into his acupuncture points.

Then her figure flashed and she came in front of Gu Liufeng; inserting the last Silver Needle into his lung meridian acupuncture point to slowly help the excess energy drain out.

Hence Hexi’s movements became very slow, while the thin and transparent Silver Needles held in her fingers lightly twirled. This was accompanied with the pure essence of spiritual power permeating into the air little by little.

At this moment, Gu Liufeng sat cross legged on the grass with Hexi slightly bending her body over him to rotate the Silver Needles with a focused and dignified expression.

The natural light in the secret territory fell on the youth’s fair face and shined upon his straight exquisite nose, pink and tender cherry lips, as well as long eyelashes that were as thick as a fan.

The youth’s head leaned forward slightly, his long shapely eyebrows lightly creasing. From Gu Liufeng’s point of view he could see the youth’s pointed chin, fair and slender neck, and the fine radian slowly extending to his delicate collar bone; which then slanted to his slightly open robe.


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