The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 262 – It Has Nothing To Do With You
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 262 – It Has Nothing To Do With You

Chapter 262 – It Has Nothing To Do With You

Having heard that, Hexi’s eyes darkened and she turned to walk towards Gu Liufeng’s direction.

“Where – do – you – think – you’re – going?!!”

A roar suddenly echoed around them, seeming as if it would rip apart heaven and earth; while a formidable amount of spiritual power pressure erupted from Nangong Yu’s body.

Feng Lian Ying was caught off guard as she stood beside him, and she went flying into the air like a kite with its string snapped; crying miserably in shock the whole time.

Nie Jinchen immediately caught her in his embrace, asking in a concerned tone, “Little Sister Lian Ying, are you alright?”

Feng Lian Ying, however, pushed him away and rushed back towards Nangong Yu.

“Brother Yu, Brother Yu, I’m Lian Ying! Let me see your wound!”

However, before she could get near Nangong Yu, she was once again sent flying into Nie Jinchen’s embrace.

Feng Lian Ying was shocked to discover that Nangong Yu was now in the centre of an invisible spiritual barrier that he had formed…and Hexi was inside the spiritual barrier with him. Nobody could get close to the pair, but Hexi couldn’t escape either.

At this very moment, apart from Hexi, no one else could enter Nangong Yu’s eyes!

Why? Why does Brother Yu only have eyes for that bastard?!

What’s so good about that brat?! He injured Brother Yu, but instead of Brother Yu killing him, it seems that he’s using every possible means to keep that bastard by his side!

Feng Lian Ying bit on her lower lip hard; so hard that she didn’t even realise the blood slowly starting to trickle down her chin.

And so now that Hexi was trapped inside the spiritual barrier, before she had time to react, Nangong Yu’s figure abruptly moved and appeared before her in the blink of an eye. And slowly, he started approaching her step by step.

His stature was tall and slender, with a handsome face that could make every woman in the world captivated with him. But at this moment, his face was positively glacial, like it had gathered thousands of years worth of ice. This matched his body, which exuded a terribly dark aura.

As he slowly approached Hexi, the blood from his chest exuded a strong metallic smell. This, in contrast to his pale and handsome complexion, made him seem like a fallen demon king.

“Xi’er, where do you think you’re going? Are you going to that man? Is he that important to you?”

Hexi’s complexion paled; the immense amount of spiritual power pressure being emitted from Nangong Yu’s body was making it extremely difficult for her to breathe.

However, when she met with Nangong Yu’s rage filled eyes, her stubbornness stirred, and she raised her small chin into the air as she coldly said, “In regards to whoever I want to go to, it has nothing to do with you!”

“It has nothing to do with me?” Nangong Yu took a step forward, and in the blink of an eye he arrived in front of Hexi, tightly gripping her shoulders as he asked, “Then who does it have anything to do with…Gu Liufeng?”

Hexi bit her lip, her expression icy and unbending as she hoarsely said, “If yes, then so what? You can go back to your beloved Ice Lotus Fairy, so please don’t interfere with my life from now on!”

A scarlet blaze suddenly ignited within Nangong Yu’s eyes, and the atmosphere around him was abruptly filled with a crackling noise that echoed all around them. At the same time, terrible dark clouds covered the sky of the secret territory, layer by layer.

In an instant it seemed like it was about to rain, and that a major catastrophe was about to occur!

Hexi’s face was filled with shock, and without having a chance to speak, she suddenly felt extremely dizzy. It was like her body was being drawn into a powerful vortex.

The enormous amount of spiritual power within the vortex constantly fluctuated as it pulled at Hexi’s body; making her feel like she would be torn apart at any moment.

However, very quickly, she felt herself being held in a warm embrace.

That embrace emitted a formidable amount of spiritual power pressure that enveloped her and blocked all the pain that she was experiencing.

She then vaguely seemed to hear a man’s gloomy voice echo in her ears, and it was tinged with a slight amount of exasperation and deep love, “Xi’er, you’re mine! You’ll forever be at my side!”
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》