The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 277 – Burning Heaven Realm? Divine Dragon Fruit?
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 277 – Burning Heaven Realm? Divine Dragon Fruit?

Chapter 277 – Burning Heaven Realm? Divine Dragon Fruit?

Just a quick look at little Golden Dragon’s body and she could tell that he had a large burn spot, as well as a multitude of sword injuries. His originally golden yellow scales were now broken and bent out of place, while his horns were broken off at the base. With his body and flesh being so burnt in some parts, although the wounds had already stopped bleeding due to the effect of the spring water, it still looks miserable and hideous.

Hexi stepped forward to examine the little Golden Dragon’s condition and discovered that even though the water from the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring had strong healing properties for people, it seemed that its effects on the little Golden Dragon weren’t all that effective.

Moreover, she was an expert in treating people, so she was completely unfamiliar in regards to the dragon’s body structure. Also, even if she wanted to use her Silver Needles on his acupuncture points to see if it helped heal him, it would be impossible.

The little Golden Dragon’s breathing was currently very weak, while his initially arrogant and haughty eyes were now tightly closed. Hexi peeled one of his eyelids back to take a look and found that the pupil seemed slightly dilated. In any case, this wasn’t a good sign.

Her brows creased tightly and Dandan, who stood on the side, pulled at a corner of her clothes with an expression of hope and expectation as he looked at her.

Hexi quickly took out a bunch of medicine bottles. Then, she boiled together a medicinal liquid made of the medicinal pills mixed with Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring water and soaked the entirety of the little Golden Dragon’s body in it.

Due to the medicine’s powerful effect, the wounds that were still seeping out blood began to completely heal, while his dark scales started to return to their previous lustre.

But at best, such treatment could only cure the little Golden Dragon’s surface injuries. For his internal injuries, Hexi was helpless.

The plan, for now, was to at least leave this secret territory earlier and then find a treatment method, perhaps…that old glutton who claimed he was Daoist Spiritual Master Xuan Qing would have a few methods to help her?

Hexi was immersed in her worries when suddenly, the little Golden Dragon’s faint voice was heard, “Go…go to the Burning Heaven Realm, find…the Divine Dragon Fruit.”

Burning Heaven Realm? Divine Dragon Fruit?

Hexi startled when she heard this. She didn’t know where the Burning Heaven Realm was, but she did know about the Divine Dragon Fruit as she had read about it before in the All Living Things Record.

It was a kind of spirit clan demon elixir. A martial artist’s spiritual base could quickly promote after taking it; especially during the promotion period, and it could even help raise the power of their level advancement. After a demonic beast takes it, it was possible for it to enhance its abilities and restore its core. It was also said that no matter how severe the internal injury was, it could completely recover.

But, according to the things written down in the All Living Things Record that Hexi had seen, the Divine Dragon Fruit was only found in the spiritual plantations of Xian Luo Continent. It had never before been seen in Mi Luo Continent.

Going along with what the little Golden Dragon had said though, could she find the Divine Dragon Fruit in Burning Heaven Realm?

“Little Dragon, do you know where Burning Heaven Realm is?”

However, in response to Hexi, the little Golden Dragon could only breathe weakly as it had exhausted all its strength answering her a moment ago.

Hexi let out a sigh and then proceeded to mix together a tub of medicinal liquid once again. Completely soaking the little Golden Dragon in it, she left only its little head floating above the surface.

Although this concoction couldn’t completely cure the little Golden Dragon’s internal injuries, it could at least ensure that its condition wouldn’t deteriorate.

Dandan leaned against the edge of the tub and worriedly stared at the little Golden Dragon, his soft and immature voice continuously asking, “Mother, will Longlong really be fine?”

“Mmh, Little Dragon just spoke about a way to treat him, so after we leave this Sealed Dragon Domain we’ll go find the whereabouts of Burning Heaven Realm.”

“Going to Burning Heaven Realm will be able to cure Longlong? Then that’s great, Mother, we’ll go immediately…oomph!”

The next moment, Hexi shoved something in Dandan’s mouth, causing him to be unable to talk. After he had swallowed whatever was in his mouth, he exclaimed, “Mother, what was that, it’s delicious!”

While laughing, Hexi stuffed one into the little Golden Dragon’s mouth before she lightly said, “This is a sixth rank demon beast’s core, I’m hoping that it’ll have some effect on healing the wounds you two have. A sixth rank demon beast core contains an enormous amount of power, so you have to absorb it properly!”
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》