The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 278 – Nangong Yu Was Afraid?
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 278 – Nangong Yu Was Afraid?

Chapter 278 – Nangong Yu Was Afraid?

Currently, Dandan was feeling an immense amount of energy spreading throughout his body, making his previously empty stomach become warm and feel exceptionally comfortable.

This feeling, compared to drinking spirit spring water and eating spiritual plants and fruits from the space was much better.

Promptly obeying Hexi, he closed eyes and began to absorb the energy. At the same time, the little Golden Dragon’s breathing started to regulate while he was still unconscious.

Watching Dandan’s dried up body slowly become rounded again, Hexi couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. So sitting cross-legged at the edge of the spring, she began to cultivate.

Although she had just gotten the Maha Inheritance she was extremely interested in it. She believed that as long as she completely mastered the cultivation technique of the Maha Inheritance, beating down Feng Lian Ying wouldn’t even be an issue anymore.


Time flowed and in the blink of an eye, one night had already passed.

In the cave, Nangong Yu opened his eyes to examine his condition and was satisfied when he found that the injury to his meridians had nearly completed healing. His dried up dantian had also been filled with spiritual power, while his strength was restored to at least seventy percent.

Xi’er‘s Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring water was indeed the best healing medicine for martial artists; especially for superficial wounds and spiritual power depletion. It was simply a hundred times more powerful than ordinary medicinal pills.

Nangong Yu stood up and went to walk outside the cave, but just as he arrived at the entrance, his heart started palpitating.

His figure suddenly rushed out but there was only an empty area before his eyes. Apart from the occasional rustling of the Purple Abyss Vine’s leaves, Hexi was nowhere to be seen.

“XI’ER–?!” Nangong Yu subconsciously shouted out loud, not even realising that his voice was somewhat trembling due to fear.

Why wasn’t Xi’er here?! Did she get angry and disappointed so she left, completely cutting off all ties with him?! Or did she encounter danger?!

With these thought swirling around in his mind Nangong Yu felt like his throat was being tightly clutched, making it extremely difficult to breathe.

But soon, he heard a strange whistling sound and following that, Hexi gracefully floated down from above to firmly land in front of him.

When Hexi had woken up in the morning and noticed that Nangong Yu was still meditating, she had gone to the top of the cliff alone to examine it first.

She had even left the Purple Abyss Vine guarding the entrance so that when Nangong Yu awoke he would know that she hadn’t just left. However, when she suddenly heard Nangong Yu shouting, she had hurriedly come back down.

Hexi watched as Nangong Yu stared at her and just as she was about to speak, Nangong Yu suddenly strode forward and pulled her into his arms.

Nangong Yu’s strength was tremendous and as he pressed her body against his, it nearly crushed her bones.

It hurts! Hexi frowned and wanted to push him away, but she found that Nangong Yu was actually trembling.

His body holding her was cold, unlike the scorching temperature it normally was. So even though he tried to conceal it, Hexi could still feel that his body was continuously trembling while he hugged her.

Nangong Yu was afraid? What was he afraid of?

Hexi was puzzled, but her body betrayed her reasoning and reaching out her hand, she gently stroked his back as if she was comforting a child who’d been awakened by a nightmare. Her voice was gentle as she asked, “What happened?”

Nangong Yu tightened his hold on her and buried his face in her hair, refusing to speak for a long while.

Just as Hexi was about to ask again, Nangong Yu abruptly released her and with a gloomy voice asked, “Where did you go? Why is there such a potent smell of blood coming from your body?”

His voice was full of anxiety and anger, but it was also mixed with distress and worry.

Nangong Yu abruptly grabbed Hexi’s hand and began to search for where she was injured.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》