The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 283 – Shameless And Without Integrity
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 283 – Shameless And Without Integrity

Chapter 283 – Shameless And Without Integrity

“Cough cough…Wu Yu, you better shut up!” A cold and deep voice abruptly sounded, interrupting Wu Yu’s chatter.

Wu Yu had always been slow to react and turning his head, he noticed that Nangong Yu’s face had darkened to the point where it could it almost freeze water.

Shuddering all over, he subconsciously moved closer towards Hexi and muttered, “Hehe, that…just take it as if I’d never said anything. I don’t know anything, I don’t know…”

After that, he quickly turned to look at Hexi with a twinkle in his eyes and if there had been a tail behind him, it probably would’ve been wagging. “Umm, you know, Young Master Xi, ever since I ate the spiritual food you made, I couldn’t eat any other food for many days. Now that I’ve finally seen you again, it’s really such a fortuitous event! So…do you have anything to eat?”

Gu Liufeng’s eyes were full of shock as he stared at Wu Yu in confusion.

He seemed to have found out an incredible fact. This man before him, wasn’t he the owner of Gluttonous House? He hadn’t expected that one of Yan Jing City’s most famous buildings, Gluttonous House, would actually belong to Hell King Manor. In the end, how many secret forces did Hell King have?

No, that’s not the point! The point is that Wu Yu, who to everyone’s eyes was the mysterious, powerful, and cold-blooded owner of Gluttonous House, was privately so shameless and without integrity! An expert Gold Core stage martial artist was actually begging for food from Little Yue’er, and what’s more, he didn’t look the slightest bit ashamed!!

Gu Liufeng felt like his three points of view had sustained a great impact.

Qing Long’s face twisted as he held his forehead; could he say that he didn’t know this idiot? With Wu Yu’s conduct, he didn’t believe that he could proudly stand side by side with him as one of Hell King’s personal bodyguards. He refused to acknowledge Wu Yu as it was simply making him too ashamed. What Wu Xin had said was right; this gluttonous kid would one day be killed by his own mouth.

Hexi looked at Wu Yu’s sparkling eyes and watched as the corners of his mouth impossibly stretched wider and brighter. When she heard the sound of him swallowing his saliva, her mouth couldn’t help but twitch. “I believe I said last time that it wouldn’t be repeated. I’m not a personal chef for Hell King Manor, so don’t expect food from me every day.”

She liked to cook and had only intended for her food to be used as a way to reward herself, not for it to be wasted on other people.

Dandan was her closest spiritual pet, so it wasn’t a problem. And as for Nangong Yu…anyway, she didn’t like the feeling that she had to serve other people.

Hexi lifted her foot to leave, but Wu Yu rushed over and grabbed her skirt, giving her a ‘if you don’t give me a meal, I won’t let you go’ look. “Young Master Xi, as long as you give me some delicious food I’ll do anything you order me to do. I’ll work extremely hard and won’t hesitate at all! Whenever you, Young Master Xi, send me on an errand, as long as it isn’t harmful to Hell King Manor, I, Wu Yu, will brave any difficulty to achieve it!”

Blue veins twitched on Hexi’s forehead. She wanted to get away from him and leave, but Wu Yu’s unreasonable behaviour and bawling had reached a completely shameless point.

Oh well, although she was too lazy to cook, she still had some food that she had prepared earlier in her space. Forget about it, she would just give in and give some to him!

She couldn’t afford to throw away this shameless scoundrel without integrity just yet!

Hexi withdrew a roast chicken from her space and threw it at him, and without waiting for her to say something, Wu Yu grabbed the roast chicken and started to devour it.

The crispy golden roast chicken was fragrant with tender meat. Emitting strong spiritual power, it was accompanied by the smell of seasoning that wafted around everyone present, making them all unconsciously swallow their saliva.

Gu Liufeng had originally scoffed at Wu Yu’s shamelessness, but now, he couldn’t help but breathe in deeply and feel his stomach begin to rumble due to emptiness.


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