The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 301 – Enemy On A Narrow Road
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 301 – Enemy On A Narrow Road

Chapter 301 – Enemy On A Narrow Road

Hexi was shocked, but just as she was about to ask him how to find the array’s core, her gaze suddenly focused on something in the distance.

Almost at the same time, a happy voice travelled from within the white fog, “Big Brother, so as it turns out, you’re here! We’ve finally found you!”

When Hexi heard this voice, the look on her face abruptly changed and a murderous glint appeared in her eyes.

That was the voice…of Feng Lian Ying!

In the blink of an eye, more than ten figures materialised one after another from the white fog to appear in front of her.

In addition to Feng Lian Ying who had a look of pleasant surprise on her face, walking beside her was Nie Jinchen and some disciples of the Liu Li sect. Most of these disciples were at the peak of Meridians stage, but there were also a few low-levelled Gold Core stage martial artists.

Besides Feng Lian Ying and Nie Jinchen, amongst the people with them, there was also one other person that Hexi recognised.

It was the Third Prince, Shangguan Rui, and his two Gold Core stage personal bodyguards that she’d met at the entrance of Hell King Manor.

Hexi’s face became very unsightly.

She hadn’t expected that the black clothed man would actually be Feng Lian Ying’s Older Brother! Not only that, but dealing with an enemy on a narrow road, in the midst of this white fog, she had unexpectedly bumped into this vicious white lotus; Feng Lian Ying.

Sure enough, Feng Lian Ying’s attention was so focused on the black clothed man that she hadn’t seen Hexi yet.

But, as soon as she turned her head, her beautiful eyes couldn’t help but widen before she instantly uttered a scream filled with anger and resentment, “Slut?! Why are you here?!”

Hexi’s hand clenched tightly around a vine of the Purple Abyss Vine, while cold sweat seeped out of her palms.

Although, on the surface, her face was expressionless as she sneeringly said, “Who is the slut that’s calling someone a slut?”

“Of course the slut is calling…” Feng Lian Ying started saying before she realised what she’d said and stopped. She couldn’t help but snarl as she took out her Flying Sword to stab at Hexi.

But she’d forgotten that in this white fog she was unable to use spiritual power, rendering the Flying Sword just like an ordinary Long Sword. On top of that, she was just like a useless person without enough strength to even truss a chicken.

Feng Lian Ying had only just managed to feebly thrust the Flying Sword forward before Hexi stopped it, and then without hesitation, lift her foot to fiercely kicked Feng Lian Ying’s stomach.

Feng Lian Ying screamed as she flew back like a kite with an abruptly snapped string before she then crashed down hard to the ground.

With a deathly pale complexion, she covered her stomach and started to incessantly howl in pain.

When Nie Jinchen saw that Feng Lian Ying was seriously injured, he was startled and filled with heartache. Quickly approaching her he helped support her to sit up, and then stuffed a medicinal pill into her mouth.

“Little Sister Lian Ying, are you all right?!”

Feng Lian Ying clutched his wrist with her nails deeply embedding themselves into in his flesh, and with a slightly hysterical voice said, “Kill him, kill that slut for me! I’ll grind his bones into dust and scatter the powder!”

“Okay, okay. Little Sister Lian Ying rest assured, I will definitely take revenge for you!”

With that, Nie Jinchen suddenly stood up and bellowed towards the disciples of the Liu Li sect behind him, “Kill that stinky brat and dismember his body for me! Whoever ends up killing him, I will inform the Clan Head and recommend that they are allowed to become an inner sect disciple!”

After having said that, a green disk instantly appeared in his hand.

At first, the disk didn’t seem to be anything remarkable. Yet, when Nie Jinchen bit the tip of his tongue and allowed the blood to drip onto the disk, it suddenly lit up with a dazzlingly bright green light.

The weapon that had initially lacked spiritual power fluctuations instantly absorbed a part of the spiritual power within the white fog and began to emit an intense aura.

The elegant yet frail looking teenager stood alone in the white fog, and with the purple coloured vine in his hand shuddering slightly, a corner of his mouth curled up to form a stubborn sneer.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》