The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 302 – Big Brother!
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 302 – Big Brother!

Chapter 302 – Big Brother!

As ten or so martial artists rushed towards her, Hexi was like a lone wolf being surrounded by a group of beasts. It was clear that in the next moment she would be torn to shreds, yet she didn’t cower or show any signs of fear.

The disk in Nie Jinchen’s hand flew directly towards Hexi as he leapt into the air while roaring, “Go die–!!”

The disk gave him a brief burst of spiritual power, giving him the confidence to feel that he could dismember this vile bastard’s body that had wounded his Little Sister Lian Ying.

But immediately after yelling, a scene occurred that shocked him to the core.

The moment that disk arrived before Hexi, it abruptly started trembling. Following that, a purple coloured shadow wrapped around it until it formed a ball.

That purple shadow was, of course, a purple coloured vine and a fifth ranked devil plant; the Purple Abyss Vine.

The Purple Abyss Vine had been like an excited puppy as it dashed towards the disk, and in a short time, tightly wrapped its vines around it. Then, like a big mouth, the disk was swallowed whole.

A crunching noise, similar to that of a chewing sound, came from the purple vine and mixed with a rustling sound caused by the purple vine swaying in excitement. In the deathly quiet fog, these sounds echoed in the surroundings and were particularly frightening.

“You–! You–!” Nie Jinchen clutched his chest which was in pain and pointed to Hexi, asking with a trembling voice, “How can you use spiritual power within the white fog?”

A smirk appeared in a corner of Hexi’s mouth, and the purple vine in her hand suddenly transformed into a whip. Next, the whip fiercely slashed at the closest disciple of the Liu Li sect.

That person was merely at the Meridians stage so being hit by the Purple Abyss Vine’s whip caused him to immediately wail in pain and fall to the ground; a bloody and gruesome wound visible on his body.

Watching as Feng Lian Ying, the person who had bullied her in the secret territory, now trembled on the ground with blood flowing from a corner of her mouth, Hexi felt pleased in her heart.

It seemed that this white fog wasn’t entirely lacking in benefits!

When Feng Lian Ying met Hexi’s disdain-filled eyes, she was no longer able to bear it. So standing up, she at first staggered before she then rushed towards the black clothed man, brokenly weeping, “Big Brother, you must help me take revenge!”

The black clothed man frowned, his expression gloomy and cold as he slowly asked, “You know him?”

Feng Lian Ying’s body was on the verge of collapsing as she gave him a sad and heartbroken look, and said in a trembling voice, “Big Brother, that bastard is Xi Yue; he cheated me and robbed me of my Zijin Palace inheritance! He also provoked the relationship between our Liu Li sect and Brother Yu. Obviously, he’s a man, but he shamelessly seduced Brother Yu! Big Brother, quickly kill that bastard for me!”

The eyes of the black clothed man suddenly filled with frost. As his gaze fell on Hexi, he slowly stepped forward as he asked, “You seduced Nangong Yu?”

Feng Lian Ying felt delighted in her heart. However, the expression on her face showed even more sadness and distress. “Big Brother, the injuries to my body were caused by him. He also joined with Gu Liufeng of Sheng De hall to speak rudely to us of the Liu Li sect! They said that even though we were from the Feng family, we still wouldn’t enter their eyes.”

“I’m so angry it’s unbearable and want to teach him a lesson! Who would’ve thought that Brother Yu, who has always loved me dearly, would be bewitched by such a bastard and wholeheartedly protect him!? Such a lowly person who doesn’t know shamelessness and is a vicious bastard like him; I will never allow him to live in this world. Big Brother, please kill him for me!”

Nie Jinchen, who was standing to the side, quickly echoed what Feng Lian Ying had said with, “Young Master, I personally saw Gu Liufeng injure Little Sister Lian Ying. At that time, Nangong Yu not only didn’t help Little Sister Lian Ying, but he instead protected this loathsome brat. You must help seek justice for Little Sister Lian Ying!”


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