The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 310 – Wait And See
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 310 – Wait And See

Chapter 310 – Wait And See

In just a moment, the initially well organised medicinal field was reduced to chaos. The air that had been permeated with the smell of medicinal herbs was now being replaced by the coppery/metalic stench of blood.

Shortly, some of the best high grade spiritual plants would be devoured by these insane martial artists.

One of the bodyguards who had followed from Hell King Manor couldn’t help but be anxious as he asked, “Young Master Xi, aren’t we going to join in?”

Seeing that the high grade herbs in the medicinal field were going to be utterly ruined soon, they were getting somewhat restless.

Hexi shook her head. “This medicinal field is obviously weird, you need to be careful.”

It was reasonable to say that these martial artists who could enter the Green Wood Realm, and manage to survive in the white fog, were absolutely not lacking in carefulness.

However, as soon as they entered the medicinal field, they seemed to have lost all reason.

Typically, their first priority after leaving the white fog with no spiritual power would’ve been to restore their spiritual power by meditation, while being aware of the possibility of other people attacking them.

Even if they really wanted to collect medicinal herbs, they would’ve first fully prepared themselves. Otherwise, even if they got the herb they wanted, it would be snatched away by someone.

Not to mention, these martial artists were directly stuffing the medicinal herbs into their mouths. Consuming the medicinal herbs this way would result in the effect reaching less than one-tenth of its potential, and instead, it could precipitate harmful impurities entering the body.

Even if these people were greedy, it was impossible for them to make such a stupid choice.

Unless…they’d all lost their minds.

With this thought, Hexi’s eyes couldn’t help but scrutinise the area.

It didn’t need to be said, but Nangong Yu, Gu Liufeng, and the others in their group, calmly watched the chaotic scene before them as if they were watching a farce.

Feng Yunjing and Feng Lian Ying were also both standing there majestically and motionlessly, showing that they hadn’t lost their minds in the slightest. Even the disciples of the Liu Li sect remained in place; although they looked impatient, they didn’t dare act rashly.

Of course, it wasn’t only these two groups of people who didn’t lose all reason. Whether they were a martial artist on Meridians stage or Gold Core stage, those with strong resolutions had avoided being enthralled by the medicinal field.

Only, although they weren’t frenzied, they still had anxious looks on their faces’.

“Young Master Xi, even if this medicinal field is peculiar, if we don’t do something soon, all the fifth grade spiritual plants will be ruined. Our Hell King Manor has plenty of attention focusing pills that can clear the mind and calm the soul. As long as we take one we won’t become insane, so isn’t it better for us to pick the herbs?”

Another guard was finally unable to endure it any longer, and he said a bit urgently.

Hexi, however, still shook her head. “We’ll wait to see if any changes occur first.”

That guard couldn’t help but to shift his eyes and look at Nangong Yu. Seeing that Nangong Yu had no intentions to refute Hexi whatsoever, his face revealed a somewhat irritable look.

Hexi had barely finished speaking when Feng Yunjing heard Feng Lian Ying contemptuously say, “It’s just a mere Mind Confusion, yet you’re scared and want to withdraw first.”

She then gently looked at Nangong Yu and said, “Brother Yu, I have Assembling Soul Fragrance that was given to me by my Master; it’s the nemesis of Mind Confusion. In a moment, I’ll light the Assembling Soul Fragrance, and you guys can immediately go pick the herbs. I promise you won’t lose your minds.”

Then, a small finger length stick of red incense appeared in her hand.

With her white dress fluttering in the breeze and a pale pink silk veil covering her face, the contrast with her beautiful eyes was stunning.

At this moment, the incense was lit, and a light smoke rose in spirals to curl around everyone, quickly clearing the minds of those who had lost all reason.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》