The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 327 – Begging For An Antidote
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 327 – Begging For An Antidote

Chapter 327 – Begging For An Antidote

Watching Shangguan Rui, who had eaten the Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pill, they could see that he was now breathing as steadily as a normal person, that he could stand and walk normally, and that the wounds on his body had begun to heal.

Comparing both sides, Feng Lian Ying’s medical skills were more advanced than Hexi’s.

Consequently, everyone sneered at Hexi and Gu Liufeng, enjoying their misfortune as they asked Feng Lian Ying for a Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pill for themselves.

However, although Feng Lian Ying had a lot of Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pills, it was impossible for her to supply it to everyone. This meant that many poisoned martial artists could only helplessly watch their bodies festering, without the opportunity to be cured.

“Ice Lotus Fairy, I beg you, give me a blood coagulation pill…my Brother is going to die…”

Someone kneeling in front of Feng Lian Ying was piteously entreating her before they were soon kicked away by someone else. “Who do you think you are?! You’re merely a rogue cultivator[1] without any sect or clan, but you dare to ask Ice Lotus Fairy to waste a precious Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pill on you?”

“Don’t dream! Such weak people like you guys originally shouldn’t have entered Hundred Herb Mist. Now that you’ve come here to die, blame your own bad fate, don’t blame others!”

“That’s right, if low martial artists like you guys are going to die then just die; why fight over medicinal pills with us! Ice Lotus Fairy, I am the disciple of Black Ice Clan’s Great Elder, from Hao Yue Country. We, the Black Ice Clan, and the Liu Li Sect, have always been on good terms. Please give me the antidote.”

Feng Lian Ying looked at the person who was currently kneeling at her feet and trying to win her favour as they begged for an antidote, and the pride on her face couldn’t be concealed.

This kind of worship and the feeling of holding someone else’s life in the palm of your hand was wonderful.

There were only two bottles of Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pills in her hands, so naturally, she couldn’t assign them to those who had no sect or clan. They were of no assistance to the Feng family or her reputation.

Soon, all of the Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pills had been divided, with most of them being given to the children of influential families or the elite disciples of large sects. While those who didn’t manage to receive the medicine were forcibly banished to the side by disciples of the Liu Li Sect, to prevent the infection from spreading.

Those people huddled together; the excitement on their faces had long since disappeared to be replaced with despair.

Someone couldn’t help shouting, “Ice Lotus Fairy, don’t you have any compassion in your heart that allows you to take pity on our lives? Why are you only saving powerful people, but ignoring us?”

“Exactly! You’re unworthy of your name, you faker!”

“So if the martial artists who’re children of influential families are worth saving, don’t tell me…our lives are unworthy?”

“Whaaa…who will save my Father…”

However, those people’s curses and protests were halted by a fierce attack technique from the disciples of the Liu Li Sect. “If anyone dares to slender Ice Lotus Fairy again, I’ll let him die now!”

“Since all of you are in this condition, just blame yourselves for overestimating your capabilities and having delusions of getting your hands on the herbs in the medicinal field. As you’ve all fallen to such a state, you only have yourselves to blame.”

These people’s hearts were full of desperation, but unfortunately, they were powerless to do anything. They could only silently bear the ridicule from the children of influential families, and watch as one by one, they took a Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pill from Ice Lotus Fairy’s hand, while they could only wait to die.

However, just when those people had all received a Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pill and were about to swallow them, a sudden scream was heard. Shangguan Rui, standing behind Feng Lian Ying, was releasing an ear-piercing scream.

It looked like Shangguan Rui’s face that had already healed, at this moment, was being squeezed by a force from inside of his body, making his entire face continuously distort and deform.


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