The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 349 The Best Timing
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 349 The Best Timing

Through blood, to serve as my brand; abandon hatred, forget glory; thousands of generations, never betraying. May the dragon race’s glory from millions of years prior, one day appear again! *

Hexi didn’t understand much of what this sentence meant, but strangely enough, she could sense the sorrow, despair, and hope contained within the words.

And at this moment, under the soles of her feet, a brilliant light suddenly started brightly shining.

Just now, Hexi discovered that the design engraved on the floor of the room resembled a pentagram.

Each of the five angles of the pentagram was perfectly aligned with one of the mirrors while she stood in the center of the pentagram.

The entire pentagram was lit up and Hexi felt as if the mirrors were all flying towards her. Soon after, she was able to clearly see every nook and cranny inside the secret territory.

The Little Golden Dragon’s proud voice and mischievous laughter was soon heard. “When the controlling right of the secret territory is handed over, the entire secret territory is in a completely static state. This includes all the magical beasts and martial artists currently inside the secret territory.”

“In the entire Sealed Dragon Domain, only you and I are able to move, although this period of time is short. Moreover, later on, even if you are in control of the secret territory, you won’t be able to replicate this again. The most you can do is drive the people you dislike out of the secret territory. But now, during this time, no matter what you wish to do, these people are completely unable to resist.”

Once Hexi heard these words, a weird smile appeared on her face.

The Little Golden Dragon’s words weren’t wrong, this truly was the best timing.

Especially at this moment. Hexi already spotted the frozen figures of Feng Yunjing and Feng Lian Ying. They were currently next to a stream of spring water in the Ice Snow Realm. Several disciples from Liu Li Sect were currently in the process of preparing to remove a nearby tiny tree.

Having just received control of the secret territory, naturally, Hexi also knew of each inch of soil and treasure inside the secret territory.

She knew that this stream was called the Spiritual Spring Stream and that tree was the Spring Tree.

That tree was one of three of Miluo Continent’s great tree deities. Every two hundred years, a liquid called Heaven’s Alcohol will flow out from the spiritual spring tree’s roots. When mixed with the spring water, a small puddle of spiritual spring stream will form.

In Miluo Continent, the Feng Family was currently like the sun at noon [1]. In addition to the fact that their skills were more talented than those of ordinary individuals, the Feng Family also had a group of high-level alchemists.

The pills refined by these alchemists were able to allow the children of Feng Family to advance by leaps and bounds. However, it’s not without harm if someone takes the pills for a long time.

No matter how pure and perfect the pill was, each pill contained quantities of an individual medicine. These individual medicines would accumulate and made it easy for martial artists to go overboard when being promoted.

According to research done by ancestors of Feng Family, this spiritual spring tree was able to dissolve this individual medicine. Therefore, Feng Yunjing was determined to get this tree, furthermore, this tree was difficult to locate inside the Ice Snow Realm.

Seeing this scene, Hexi couldn’t help but smile. Luckily for her, the time she received the inheritance was very good.

Otherwise, Feng Yunjing would be able to take away this spiritual spring tree. Although the she didn’t value the tree as rare, when she thought about her enemy getting good things, she felt unhappy.

To the side, the Little Golden Dragon’s mouth twitched. “Unfortunately, although this standstill of time is powerful, there are some restrictions. You can’t touch the bodies of martial artists. Otherwise, boss, you are the knife that erased that slut. Isn’t that just death ending all your troubles??” [2]

*Translator Note Apologies for the rough translation, I tried to stick to the closest Chinese-to-English translation in order to avoid losing as much meaning between languages
[1] like the sun at noon – the Feng Family is at the peak of their power
[2] Otherwise, boss, you are the knife that erased that slut. Isn’t that just death ending all your troubles?? – I believe that the Little Golden Dragon is saying that this method of dealing with Feng Lian Ying would be letting her off too easily


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