The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 350 Slowly Settling Accounts
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 350 Slowly Settling Accounts

Hexi softly smiled. “To erase her with a knife, isn’t that too cheap of a fate for Feng Lian Ying? Rest assured, my patience is very good. What we have is time, I’ll slowly settle my accounts with her.”

Seeing that the time left for the people to remain frozen was almost up, Hexi no longer hesitated. She quickly began to manipulate the people inside the secret territory.

Although she couldn’t directly touch the people inside the secret territory, she could move them around.

The storage items that were stored inside the storage rings that the martial artists carried around were hard for her to take. However, the charms they wore on the outside or held in their hands, she kindly took, as if they were being offered to her.

Hexi’s mouth picked up into a sinister smile, looking around, she quickly made up her mind.

After Feng Yunjing and his party left the Green Wood Realm, they quickly found the spiritual spring tree by following the secret method that Feng Family’s elder alchemist provided.

But there were seven rank 5 magical beasts guarding the spiritual spring tree. Each Rank 5 magical beast was equivalent to Gold Core stage cultivation.

Feng Yunjing, Feng Lian Ying, and disciples of the Liu Li Sect wasted a lot of labor in order to completely defeat these seven Rank 5 magical beasts.

Seeing that the spiritual spring tree was so close, Feng Yunjing’s eyes flashed with something. As long as he was able to obtain this tree, the danger of taking so many pills would be eliminated. Then, Feng Family would be able to stand at the summit of Miluo Continent.

From now on, nobody on this earth would be able to fight or obstruct him.

Everything he wanted, every person he wanted, he would be able to easily grasp in the palm of his hand.

Everybody was filled with excitement, they were so excited that they didn’t even bother to clean up the seven Rank 5 magical beasts. They took out a Ninth Level Spiritual Shovel and prepared to move the spiritual spring tree.

But after a quarter of an hour, something occurred that shocked Feng Yunjing.

His hand just touched one of the leaves on the spiritual spring tree before he felt the sky spin and the earth go round [1]. When he opened his eyes, the scenery before his eyes had completely changed.

The sounds of the magical beasts’ roars sounded in the air, rising and falling one after another.

What stood in front of them wasn’t seven Rank 5 magical beasts anymore, instead hundreds of thousands of magical spirit beasts surrounded them. These magical beasts contained three Rank 4 magical beasts, some Rank 5 and even one at Rank 6.

Not only that, but they were no longer located in front of the spiritual spring tree. Instead, they found themselves in a desolate desert.

Feng Yunjing’s face changed. He was just about to use the weapon he carried to resist the magical beasts. But he was stunned to find that the weapon that was originally in his palm had, at some unknown point, disappeared.

As it turns out, Feng Lian Ying, Nie Jinchen, and the rest of the disciples of Liu Li Sect found themselves in a similar situation.

Feng Lian Ying had long since already been scared stupid by the magical beasts’ roars and the weapon in her hand had also disappeared. She was so panicked, she found that she didn’t have enough time to take out another weapon from her storage ring before a magical beast snarled and pounced towards her.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!– – I don’t want to die!”

Feng Lian Ying shrieked and ruthlessly pulled a disciple of Liu Li Sect to stand in front of her.*

Only a tearing sound was heard as the disciple was horribly torn apart, the Liu Li Sect disciple didn’t even have time to groan before they became a pool of flesh.

Nie Jinchen also found himself caught off guard, and to add onto the fact, he was caught off guard by a Rank 5 magical beast. He was terrified, noticing what Feng Lian Ying did, he also instinctively pulled two Liu Li Sect disciples in front of him.*

Feng Yunjing’s cultivation level was higher than those two, therefore he was able to take out a new weapon and kill in all directions.

However, the number of magical beasts in front of them was too high and the bodies of these few people all contained the scent of the spiritual spring tree, causing the magical beasts became extremely excited. Even Feng Yunjing was unable to make them fearfully withdraw.

[1] the sky spin and the earth go round – In this case, I believe the author meant that Feng Yunjing felt dizzy
*Translator note Feng Lian Ying and Nie Jinchen are both just too shameless… They’re made for each other, haha!


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