The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 359 Bloody Slaughterhouse
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 359 Bloody Slaughterhouse

Hexi descended onto a lawn nearby Bie Courtyard. Just as she was about t go near it, her complexion suddenly changed.

Originally, Bie Courtyard was hidden by an array. But now, it completely disappeared. The wind blew the pungent smell of blood from inside the courtyard.

Hexi’s heart sunk a little bit. In an instant, her figure appeared inside the courtyard.

Not even a moment later, an even heavier smell of blood assaulted one’s noses. The blood on the floor seemed to resemble a red lotus blooming [1], suddenly causing Hexi’s eyes to redden.

Hexi stumbled, she was almost unable to keep standing.

Just now, she had pictured this warm, peaceful and harmonious scene. But now, it had transformed into a twisted and sinister scene with corpses and a bloody slaughterhouse.

The inside of Bie Courtyard was in disorder, it was full of corpses. Inside the manor lay a servant girl, Xiao Si, and the low-level martial artists she had been given control over from Nalan Family.

Every one of them died with eyes filled with fright, their eyes were wide open. They were dead but wouldn’t close their eyes [2].

And in the center of Bie Courtyard, Wet Nurse Chen’s body had been carelessly thrown onto the ice cold floor.

Just like the others, her eyes were wide open. There was a gaping hole in her chest and her internal organs were on the ground, smashed by someone’s foot.

Wet Nurse Chen’s eyes had unwillingness and tears of blood [3] flowing out. As if she had been shouting to be able to see her family’s young lady when she was at death’s doorstep.

However, her breath had long since been cut off and any sign of life had disappeared. Even if Hexi had better medical skills, it’s impossible to revive a dead person.

Hexi slowly walked up to Wet Nurse Chen. Crouching down next to her, she closed the eyes that were filled with remaining grievances. Softly saying, “Wet Nurse, Hexi has come back!”

“Forgive me, Hexi came back late!”

A flicker of light passed through her eyes, but it quickly changed into coldness that resembled the Asura from Hell and killing intent. Her lowered voice was clear and pleasant to listen to, but it also carried a coldness that had people’s hairs standing on end. “Wet Nurse, you can rest assured. I’ll definitely make the people who did harm to you repay you a hundred thousand times.”

“Wet Nurse, when you’ve arrived on the Yellow Springs [4] road, you must walk slowly so you may see their headless bodies, their expressions seeing they’re at the end, oh!”

After she finished speaking these few words, little by little, she gently took Wet Nurse Chen’s internal organs and re-inserted them into her stomach.

Then, she took out a silver sewing needle. Her hands were quick and moved as if they were in a dance, sewing back the cut open stomach as if it hadn’t been damaged before.

The elegant youth’s expression was distinctly cold and the corner of her mouth even held a sneer.

She sat on the floor, in between the blood, bodies, and wreckage. Her two hands were covered in blood. But her finger, which was well-proportioned and seemed to be carved from jade, held a needle and seemed to be a dancing as if it was a fantasy.

She resembled a demon who had walked out of Hell. So beautiful, so brilliant, but also so frightening, allowing people’s hairs to stand on end.

Wu Xin, who had received an order from his master, hurried over to Bie Courtyard at this time and saw this precise scene in front of his eyes.

Even Wu Xin, who’s heart was cold and had seen the whole world, held his breath from intimidation.

Previously, Wu Xin wasn’t fond of Hexi. Although Hexi saved Master’s life, it was also because Hexi got hurt that Master got caught up in that crisis. So much so that Master, in order to save her, wasted the blood essence.

And most importantly, previously Master had always been cold and formidable, he never had a weakness before.

But when Hexi appeared, Master suddenly had the ordinary person’s four human emotions [5] and a weakness.

And this woman named Nalan Hexi is delicate, in such a way that it’s inconvenient, causing Master to have to constantly worry over and protect her.

[1] resemble a red lotus blooming – I believe this means that the blood was spreading
[2] dead but wouldn’t close their eyes – they died with grievances
[3] tears of blood – a symbol of extreme suffering
[4] Yellow Springs – the Underworld in Chinese mythology
[5] four human emotions – happiness anger, sorrow, and joy
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》