The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 360 Tearing Into Pieces
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 360 Tearing Into Pieces

If this continued on, one day, this weakness will become Master’s fatal crisis.

Therefore, Wu Xin had been scheming to secretly get rid of Hexi, this hindrance of a woman. He made sure to take pains to ensure Master wouldn’t suspect anything.

Wu Xin had recently just broken through Nascent Soul stage and although his foundation still wasn’t completely stable, but in Miluo Continent, there were few people who had seen him and didn’t tremble in fear. This allowed him to injure people as he wished.

Yet she was merely an insignificant girl at just Foundation Establishment stage who, unexpectedly, caused him to feel afraid.

Is this woman truly ordinary and weak?*

After Wu Xin entered Bie Courtyard, this was his first thought. Soon after, he took note of the misery-filled courtyard and the bloody slaughterhouse-like scene. His complexion couldn’t help but drop.

Initially, before he (Nangong Yu) had entered Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory, Nangong Yu had told Bai Hu and him (Wu Xin) to guard Bie Courtyard’s surroundings and to protect Nalan Hexi.

However, later when Hexi, by an accident arising from many causes, also entered the Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory, they lost “future wangfei’s” Bie Courtyard. So naturally, if they had to say it, protecting it (Bie Courtyard) no longer held value. To add onto the fact, they received information regarding that secret. So, they quickly threw Bie Courtyard and the people inside Bie Courtyard to the back of their minds.

In any event, Wu Xin never thought that this moment of ignorance would cause Hexi’s servants and subordinates to be massacred.

Inside Yan Jing city, it’s possible to be able to find Hexi’s address. There were few people who didn’t know that she was Hell King Manor’s people and under their (Hell King Manor’s) protection. Just who ate a bear’s heart and the leopard’s guts [1]? Unexpectedly, someone dared to put their hand to Hell King Manor’s future wangfei!

At this moment, Hexi had already finished sewing together Wet Nurse Chen’s body.

Wu Xin walked a few steps forward. “Wangfei, this subordinate has come under Master’s order to protect you.”

Hexi paid no attention to him, she respectfully shifted Wet Nurse Chen’s body to a corner and lightly flattened out a corner of her (Wet Nurse Chen’s) jacket. Softly saying, “Wet Nurse, wait here for a moment for me.”

After saying that, she no longer hesitated and stood up. Her figure disappeared from the place she originally stood at and began to carefully check every inch and corner inside Bie Courtyard. She had yet to see Xi Jia and everyone else or Xiao Li.

Just after she passed through the corridor and into the back garden, Hexi’s eyes suddenly contracted.

She only saw the back garden’s floors were also filled with blood and corpses were strewn about, in disorder.

But these corpses, in comparison to the ones in the front yard, met an even crueler and miserable end. Some bodies had their hands chopped off, some had the bones in all four limbs of their bodies crushed, and others met the same fate as Wet Nurse Chen, they had their internal organs spilled out of a hole in their stomachs. Their intestines were purposefully taken out and they didn’t die immediately. They had to endure a slow and painful death.

These people were the subordinates Hexi meticulously trained- Xi Jia, Xi Yi, Xi Bing…… Xi Gui.

Hexi looked at the scene in front of her eyes. Her expression was calm, as if she held no emotions. But even she didn’t notice that her fist was clenched, as if she wanted to tear something to pieces.

She crouched down, softly using her hand to support Xi Jia’s dead body. She wanted to sew back his hands and feet that had been chopped off. But just as she supported his body, her movements stopped.

Although it was very, very weak, her fingertips felt the faint pulse of a heartbeat.

A bright light shone in Hexi’s eyes. She didn’t hesitate and quickly took out silver needles from her space. One after another, she inserted them into the holes in Xi Jia.

After being completely ignored by Hexi, Wu Xin felt unsatisfied. But thinking about Bie Courtyard’s miserable state, he still slowly followed behind Hexi.

*Pff, of course not. Our Hexi has MC plot armor!
[1] ate a bear’s heart and the leopard’s guts – to suddenly gain courage


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