The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 364 My Own Hatred, Naturally I Have To Take Revenge For Myself
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 364 My Own Hatred, Naturally I Have To Take Revenge For Myself

Ji Sheng Hall– –! Very good. Ji Sheng Hall– –!

Hexi’s body released an ice-cold loftiness. The gloom in her eyes extinguished, just like a ghost.

“You guys recuperate well, without my order you can’t leave this medicine cauldron.” After she finished speaking, she turned around and quickly walked away.

Sure enough, on a table inside the central room there was a piece of paper. On the paper there were arrogant words written on it– –

Xi Yue, if you wish to save Little Guniang, then before zishi [1] time today you must go alone to the eastern outskirts of Yan Jing city. Once you reach there, head to the residence that’s three li to the north. If you passed the time or you notified Hell King to bring people, then you’ll see us peel some skin off of Little Guniang.

Remember, don’t test my patience and come on time!

When Hexi received the paper, the weak piece of paper turned into ash in her hands, dispersing onto the ground.

Outside, the color of the sky was slowly turning darker and the sun had already completely disappeared from the horizon without a trace.

Hexi didn’t hesitate any longer, turning around she began to walk towards the outside of the room. But, she only moved two steps before she saw Wu Xin in front of her and blocking her.

“Wangfei, requesting for subordinate to be able to follow you.”

Wasn’t it just a few bouncing clowns [2]. Regardless of whether it was Ji Sheng Hall or someone else, if he wanted to kill someone, wasn’t it as easy as a hands turn [3]?

Hexi indifferently shook her head. “No need. You stay here and guard, don’t let Xi Jia and the others receive any harm.”

Because the piece of paper mentioned Hell King Manor, it meant that these people would likely be concerned dogs and jump over the wall [4], harming Xiao Li.

In order to ensure Xiao Li’s safety, even if it’s one in ten thousand, she couldn’t take the risk.

Wu Xin wrinkled his brows. “This subordinate’s responsibility is to protect wangfei. Let alone with the fact that these people’s strengths can’t be small if they dare to provoke wangfei. For wangfei to go into the tiger’s den alone, if any mishap happens, then what does this subordinate explain to wangye?”

Hexi sneered and slowly said, “The people they injured are my people. This is my, Nalan Hexi’s, hatred. Since it’s my hatred, I naturally have to take revenge myself. Moreover, the revenge has to be slow.”

“I’ll let these people clearly understand, what type of people they shouldn’t provoke. They will pay a terrible price!”

Hexi looked at Wu Xin and suddenly softened her voice. “Just then, thank you for helping me add fire. Now, I ask you to guard this Bie Courtyard.”

After all, this is a warrior at Nascent Soul stage. Others would agree to light their own fires and protect themselves. No matter whose order it is, this sort of emotion must be obeyed.

In a daze, Wu Xin stood where he originally was. For a moment, he didn’t know what to do.

Just then, wangfei was thanking him? Asking him?

Clearly, he was just a low-level martial artist. But hearing her say words of appreciation, Wu Xin had a type of indescribable feeling of being overwhelmed by a superior [5].

Originally, he decided on a plan to not let wangfei take any risks. Under these cold, as ice and frost yet bright, resembling star eyes, for a moment he was unable to say no.

Wu Xin let out a low sigh, covering up the embarrassment and strange appearance in his eyes. After muttering to himself for a moment. Finally, he took out a jade slip from his storage ring and handed it over to Hexi. “Asking wangfei to carry this jade slip on her. In the time of a crisis, wangfei only needs to pinch it into pieces and it can block all Nascent Soul stage martial artists’ full strength blow. And once this jade slip has been broken down into pieces, this subordinate will immediately get notified. The first thing this subordinate will do is rush to wangfei’s side.”

Hexi was faintly startled. Soon after, she reached her hand out and took the jade slip, sincerely saying, “Thank you!”

Finishe saying this, she no longer hesitated. Dodging around Wu Xin, she quickly left Bie Courtyard, leaving on her flying sword.

[1] zishi – time between 11pm – 1am
[2] bouncing clowns – they’re (Ji Sheng Hall) fools, he (Wu Xin) doesn’t take the threat seriously at all
[3] as easy as a hands turn – something that doesn’t require much effort
[4] be concerned dogs and jump over the wall – to be driven to a desperate action
[5] feeling of being overwhelmed by a superior – he feels humbled
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》