The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 368 Brutal Killing
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 368 Brutal Killing

A greedy smile showed on shopkeeper Qin’s face. As long as he could capture this youngster in Ji Sheng Hall, then how could Doctor Xie not acknowledge the situation? At that time, he, Qin Fu, wanted to fish up advantages. How was this not as easy as a hand’s turn?

Thinking up to here, shopkeeper Qin immediately loudly said, “Don’t kill this youngster, catch him alive!”

Qin Hai didn’t dare anymore after shopkeeper Qin said this. At this moment, although the bleeding in his hand had stopped, there were still bursts of sharp pain that tortured both his body and mind. His whole heart was filled with loathing.

To add onto the fact that his hand had been broken, this was equal to the fact that he would no longer have a future after this. How could he agree to leave the matter at this? “Daddy, didn’t you say that you wanted to give me my revenge? Why would you let this smelly youth get away!”

Shopkeeper Qin didn’t pay any mind to his son, instead, he smiled evilly towards the head male. “A’Feng, I only care if his (Hexi’s) life is left. As far as whether his hands or feet are broken, it doesn’t matter to me. When you start, pay attention to this!”

The male who was called A’Feng was the same one mentioned by Zhang San, shopkeeper Qin’s nephew– – Qin Feng.

Originally, the relationship between Qin Feng and shopkeeper Qin was separated by a million miles. But Qin Feng’s aptitude for cultivation wasn’t bad and at forty years old he already got to Meridians stage. To add onto the fact that he was very firm when doing things, it caused shopkeeper Qin to think highly of him. Even Doctor Xie was rather respectful to him.

This time when they attacked the Bie Courtyard in Cang Mountain, inside Ji Sheng Hall only Qin Feng and his several younger brothers could participate. The other bodyguards in Ji Sheng Hall didn’t even meet the qualifications.

At this moment, having heard shopkeeper Qin’s words, Qin Feng looked towards the boss and laughed out loud. “Be at ease. I’ll definitely play like a cat would a mouse and nicely tease our little godly doctor. How could I act like I did to those trashes from Bie Courtyard? If he truly died, Doctor Xie may not look for me anymore, ah!”

Listening to their dialogue, Hexi’s mouth slowly picked up. “Looks like I don’t need to ask anymore, you guys definitely had a part in it!”

“We had what?” Qin Feng disdainfully looked towards Hexi, rubbing his chin he chuckled. “It was nothing more but a group of wastes, they still dared to rebel. Heh heh, what a pity ah. They were only Qi Refining stage martial artists. Even if they went all out and rebelled, how could they escape out of our palms?”

Saying this, he still looked at the crafty-looking little brother standing next to him. Smiling he said, “Ai, rat, do you still remember the expression of those group of people during their final struggle? That type of despair, that sort of helplessness. It really leaves a memory in someone, ah.”

This rather-die-than-submit type of people are my favorite. Watching them give up hope and become hatred but be helpless. That appearance is even more satisfying than f***ing a big talking young lady.”*

The little brother who had been called a rat immediately started mischievously laughing and said, “How can I not remember? Especially that black and foolish big one. Feng Ge [1], do you still remember the look on his face when he saw that old lady die?”

“Hahaha, thinking about it now is hilarious. I cut off his hands and feet, he even wiggled around on the floor with all his might. Really was the same as a caterpillar, it’s too funny. I messed with them so much it was hard for me to kill them! [2]”

Once the rat’s words were said, it immediately caused Qin Feng and his little brothers to burst into laughter.

They lacked any worry. In front of Hexi they began to discuss the pleasure they received when brutally killing the group of people in Bie Courtyard.

Someone said, ‘I pulled their intestines out and twisted it around their neck. I watched them get strangled by their own intestines, it really is too interesting.’**

*What a pig.
**What a sicko. He’ll be in for it now…
[1] Feng Ge – the ” is part of ‘gege’ (哥哥) which means brother
[2] it was hard for me to kill them – he was having too much fun messing with them and didn’t want to end his fun early


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