The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 369 Optimum Tonic
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 369 Optimum Tonic

Someone else said, ‘What a pity that Bie Courtyard was just full of a group of old smelly men. The women they could play with were just a few ordinary rough servant girls, they would be finished after just playing a few times. If they could play with the soft skinned and tender servant girl, it would be too good.’

Qin Feng clicked his tongue and sighed towards Hexi. “This little Genius Doctor looks quite pretty. Soft skinned and tender flesh, a beauty who’s able to overturn cities. Compared to the most beautiful woman in a brothel you are thirty-percent prettier.”

“Once Doctor Xie learns what he wants to from this person, we’ll request for the Genius Doctor and properly play with him. Younger brothers, does this sound good? After all, today we captured him, this is an achievement!”

Everyone burst into laughter again, even the other bodyguards of Ji Sheng Hall were influenced by this atmosphere. Towards Hexi, they kept adding more disdain and ambition.

Hexi actually softly laughed. She didn’t shallowly sneer, instead, she enchantingly smiled like a demon.

She softly and slowly said, “Good, very good!”

Qin Feng was momentarily lost in her smile and he became distracted. Following which he heard her indifferent voice, that sound was silky and soft. As if it were a feather softly floating in his heart, causing his heart to feel as if he wanted to do something but he lacked the courage to.

But his brain kept turning over the words, “what does ‘good’ mean” when suddenly a purple vine that seemed to appear out of nowhere shot in front of him.

Without waiting for him to respond, the purple vine wrapped around his chest. The tip of the purple vine softly struck against his thoracic cavity and a pounding heart appeared in front of Qin Feng.

Qin Feng’s two eyes were open wide, it was as if he had seen a ghost as he looked at the purple vine that was constantly rocking in front of him and the live heart pulsing on the vine.

The purple vine seemed to be very happy as it swayed around for awhile. Suddenly, it shot out a dozen or more other roots. Following that, several sounds sounded out “Pu chi“, “pu chi” as they entered inside Qin Feng’s body.

Qin Feng only felt a burst of violent pain rack throughout his entire body. Throughout his entire body, there were numerous purple vines inserted inside, but not even a single drop of blood could be seen flowing out.

Moreover, what was even scarier, was that within his body all the blood was draining away.

No! No, it wasn’t draining away! It was those dozen or more purple vine roots that were swallowing it.

“Ah– – Save…… Save me!”

Qin Feng let out a hoarse yell but when it came out of his mouth, it was so damaged that nobody could hear it clearly. Additionally, the heart in front of him was still swaying about.

The purple vine suddenly rolled up. That heart let out a “peng” sound before abruptly exploding open. Afterward, it was completely absorbed by the purple vine.

Qin Feng felt cold from head to toe. Up and down his whole body, he felt bursts of chilly and acute pain.

Then, he looked on helplessly as his skin slowly turned old and shriveled up. What was left was just a layer of skin to wrap around the bone.

“Peng– –!” Loudly sounded. The Purple Abyss Vine had already thrown the completely sucked dry Qin Feng onto the floor. It swayed as it returned back to Hexi’s side. The leaves on the vine continuously moved around, letting out rustling sounds.

This was the Purple Abyss Vine expressing it’s limitless cheerful emotion.

Compared to spiritual energy and magical energy, the thing it loved to do the most was suck up human blood. Martial artists, in particular, had spiritual energy in their blood which was the optimum tonic for it.

It’s just a pity that previously, Hexi didn’t allow it to randomly suck blood.* Adding onto that, the spiritual energy was very abundant in Hexi’s space so it wasn’t often hungry. As a result, it didn’t get to taste very many martial artists’ blood.

But today Master said, it could play and eat as it wished as long as it was the people inside this room. Allowing it to breathe in as it wished. Purple Abyss Vine just finished eating all the man’s blood and even swallowed his heart. This taste was truly too splendid.

*I can foresee how this may cause some issues if she allowed this before… haha


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