The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 370 Terrible Monster
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 370 Terrible Monster

And inside this room, there was still so much delicious food. The more the Purple Abyss Vine thought about it, the more incomparably happy it felt.

Master was really a good person, ah!

In the blink of an eye, the people who were just talking turned into mummies who were taking their last breaths. This originally amused and boisterous scene suddenly turned sluggish.

A large part of the bodyguards had frightened expressions.

And Rat who was the closest to Qin Feng suddenly came back, screaming, “Big brother– –!”

Rat supported a person up but all he saw was a mummy with a face full of terror. The skin on the person’s entire body was wrinkled together. Except for the skin and bones, there wasn’t even a drop of blood inside his body. The two eyes protruded inside the eye socket, holding dread in them.

Upon seeing this, Rat immediately opened his eyes wide. Rushing towards Hexi, he yelled out, “Son of a b****, you killed my big brother. I want you to pay with your life!!”

After he said this, he took out a flying sword and advanced towards the people behind him. Snarling, “Everyone, let’s unite. Even if that purple vine is difficult to deal with, there’s only one person controlling it. If we unite and get rid of him, then we can get revenge for big brother!”

Once everyone came back from the fright, they felt that the words that Rat spoke were correct.

Although this youngster was difficult to deal with, he was only at Foundation Establishment stage. Even if his magical weapon was strong, so what? Don’t tell me he could block everyone’s attacks? If he used just spiritual energy, at some point it would run low.

Thinking up to here, everyone took out their flying sword and quickly launched an attack on Hexi.

For a moment, all sorts of flying swords advanced towards Hexi. The screams all mixed together, shaking the earth with it’s power, causing the entirety of Ji Sheng Hall’s shop to shake.

All one heard was “hong long [1]– –”

The place that Hexi was originally standing in got a huge hole smashed into it. Smoke was rising spirals around the surroundings of the hole and dust was flying out. There was also the sound of thunder and lightening crackling and rumbling around the scene.

Rat laughed, “This sort of attack, if you could still manage to dodge it then I, grandpa, will……”

After only saying half his sentence, his voice suddenly came to an abrupt stop. His face showed disbelief and alarm.

The youth’s leisurely and slow voice sounded in his ears, but it sounded as if it was coming from Hell. “I escaped, what will you do……”

“Hehe, you can only die miserably!”

After the voice fell, Rat’s entire body was rigid. Unexpectedly, he was unable to move even one step.

The other bodyguards in Ji Sheng Hall were the same as well. It was as if someone cast a body freezing spell on them, they couldn’t move an inch.

These bodyguards’ faces were filled with fright. When they looked at Hexi it was as if they were looking at a terrible monster.

Clearly, the youth in front of them was only at Foundation Establishment level. How could he cause them to not even be able to move an inch? Don’t tell me that he’s a ghost?

But, if they all just looked at each other they would discover that at the back of each of their heads was a tiny silver needle.

It was just that these silver needles had a large amount of spiritual power in them. This caused their dantians to stop circulating and the blood in their vessels to stop flowing, causing them to be unable to move or use their spiritual energy.

The Purple Abyss Vine was twisted around Hexi’s arm. Her fair, white fingertips softly poked at its vines. Towards the people who were unable to move, she faintly smiled. “I never liked a sloppy job. Originally when I came here, I was going to give everyone a quick death. But you apparently didn’t give me that opportunity.”

“Seeing as you all take pleasure from tyrannizing people, when it comes time for you to be tyrannized, you must be a glutton for punishment.”

[1] hong long – rumbling sound
Translator Note I just wanted to clarify that “the Rat” is a nickname of sorts for the person, not their genuine name. I can also translate the name as Hao Zi if people prefer that (耗子 or Hao Zi literally translates as Rat), so just let me know (:


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