The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 371 Rest In Peace
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 371 Rest In Peace

Rat’s heart was filled with alarm, but he still loudly shouted. “You…… In the end, what did you do to us? If you dare to kill all of us, the people behind us won’t let you go!”

Hexi raised her hand and suddenly, the medicinal pill in her hand flew out. The pill landed in Rat’s mouth and soon made it’s way down his asophagus.

“Seeing as you’re so noisy, it seems like you can’t wait to often feel the feeling of being tyrannized. You can be at ease, I’ll satisfy you!”

“You…… What did you give me to eat?!”

Rat didn’t get to finish speaking before he suddenly let out a mournful and miserable cry. His entire body resembled a small shrimp, curling up on the floor.

The other bodyguards watched as Rat’s complexion turned purple. The corner of his mouth was overflowing with blood and foam, so much so that they even thought that Hexi had fed him a highly toxic pill.

Just when they were scared witless, they suddenly heard Rat let out a heart wrenching and lung tearing scream. He suddenly seemed to go crazy and frantically began clawing at his stomach.

In the blink of an eye, he seemed to manage to claw open his stomach. After, he took out all of his internal organs.

But this didn’t seem to be enough, after taking out all of his intestines, Rat’s face was still filled with suffering. He began to use his own two hands to pound his legs, hitting the joints. Until finally, he took a flying sword and chopped his own two legs off.

He kept saying, “Don’t bite me! Don’t bite me– –!”

Everyone became stupefied seeing the scene in front of them. Obviously all he had eaten was a pill. Yet this martial artist, who was at the peak of Foundation Establishment stage, seemed to have gone insane. He cut open his own stomach, cut off his own two legs, and repeatedly rammed the joints in his arms into a wall. Even after his bones let out a “ka la la” sound, he still didn’t stop.

This scene was truly too terrifying. The eyes of the other bodyguards no longer contained hostility and fighting intents, all that was left was desperation.

On the other hand, the Purple Abyss Vine was incomparably happy. After receiving Hexi’s approval, it quickly rushed over to Rat’s side and completely swallowed his flesh.

In the blink of an eye, this hellish scene faded away without a trace. It was as if the previously miserable scene didn’t even occur in the first place.

But the scattered skeletons on the floor and howls of grief echoing in their ears allowed everyone to understand that what occurred just now wasn’t some nightmare.

From start to finish, Hexi’s expression was calm. So calm it was close to coldness.

It was only until Rat completely stopped breathing that Hexi lightly threw the medicinal pills in the air. Mildly smiling, she said, “Let me take a look…… Who should be my next victim!”

Ji Sheng Hall’s bodyguards all simultaneously widely opened their eyes and let out “ge ge” sounds while shivering.

This youth in front of them wasn’t human at all!

She was a devil. A ruthless spirit who crawled out from the depths of Hell!!

After an hour, inside Ji Sheng Hall’s main shop, over a dozen bodies have been disorderly put to rest. [1]

The Purple Abyss Vine had eaten until its vine was smooth and round. Swaying and wobbling, it was almost unable to fly.

And of those dozen or more bodies, not one hadn’t become a mummy with no flesh. In fact, each of those bodies were left with wide open eyes.

Each and every pair of eyes were filled with terror and suffering. As if dying still hadn’t been able to free them from feeling desperation.

If a woman with less guts was viewing this current scene, then there was a chance they would be scared so much that they wouldn’t be able to sleep for a several months.

But as Hexi looked on, her heart didn’t move an inch. All she did was blink her eyes a few time and slowly said, “Wet Nurse Chen, you can rest in peace. Hexi has already gotten revenge for you.”

[1] over a dozen bodies had been disorderly put to rest – I believe that the scene was basically just a pile of dead bodies randomly put about
Translator Note the long awaited revenge has arrived!


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