The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 372 Selfish Appearance
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 372 Selfish Appearance

Finished speaking, at the turn of her wrist, Purple Abyss Vine turned into a purple shadow that entered into the palm of her hand.

Turning around, Hexi began to make her way to the corner of the room, towards the back of a screen.

Upon hearing the footsteps, shopkeeper Qin and Qin Hai, who were originally hiding behind the screen seemed to be birds who were startled by the mere twang of a bow [1]. Suddenly lifting up their heads, their faces were full of fright as they looked towards Hexi. “You…… You better not come over here. Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!”

“If you want something, I’ll give it to you. Any of the items inside Ji Sheng Hall can be taken by you. I’m begging you not to kill me!”

Shopkeeper Qin’s voice was filled with fright. Thinking about the anguished wailing of those bodyguards when they were at death’s door, he was truly scared.

Up until now, he had his doubts. Would they be able to successfully bring together Doctor Xie and this youngster, what were the odds of success? Even Doctor Xie had countless experts lying in wait!

Because this youth before his eyes was too ruthless, too decisive, and had countless methods.

He watched Hexi walking step by step closer to him, the Purple Abyss Vine curled around her wrist lightly swayed around, causing its leaves to create rustling sounds.

Shopkeeper Qin couldn’t help himself anymore and began to shriek. Taking the son by his side, he ruthlessly tossed him towards Hexi.

Having been pushed towards Hexi by shopkeeper Qin, the originally frightened Qin Hai couldn’t help but begin to push his entire body towards Hexi. The loyal and protective Purple Abyss Vine didn’t wait for Hexi’s order before flying out and rolling into Qin Hai’s body.

The sharp purple vine entered his body with “pu pu” sounds. In the blink of an eye, it had already sucked his flesh cleanly and neatly.

Upon seeing this scene, Hexi’s lips couldn’t help but lift up into a taunting sneer.

Qin Fu, who just a moment ago was repeatedly shouting that he would take revenge for his son, used that son as a shield in the face of death.

In front of life or death, a person’s selfish and ugly appearances would come out. Looking at it would really let people feel amused but also disgusted.

Shopkeeper Qin staggered along, throwing himself at the front door of the shop and began frantically began pounding on the wood door. He even took out his flying sword and began to repeatedly chop at the door, loudly shouting, “Save me! Save me! Someone inside Yan Jing city is murdering people!”

As long as he could run away from Ji Sheng Hall, then he could stay alive.

Because martial artists were unable to fly or fight inside Yan Jing city. Murdering people was an even more serious crime.

And every night, imperial guards patrolled every street inside Yan Jing city. If he went to cry for help from those imperial guards, how could that Xi Yue possibly content against all those imperial guards.

But, no matter how many times shopkeeper Qin pounded on the wooden door, it didn’t budge an inch.

Furthermore, he had almost yelled until his throat was hoarse. But the entire time, the outside was quiet, nobody even heard his voice. Even more so, nobody would care about his life or death.

A fifth rank magical Purple Abyss Vine at its peak would have a strength that was equivalent to a martial artist who was at the summit of Gold Core stage. Compared to Qin Fu, who was merely at Foundation Establishment stage, how could he possibly break the enchantment that Purple Abyss Vine had put down?

Frightened, Qin Fu urgently turned his head. He wanted to run inside the courtyard and escape through the courtyard’s walls.

But just when he ran two steps, his entire body was enveloped by a purple vine and was firmly held in the air.

Hexi’s icy cold voice sounded out, “Tell me, who incited the matters in Cang Mountain’s Bie Courtyard?”

“If you honestly and clearly answer, I can still give you a quick death.”

Shopkeeper Qin was suspended in the air by Purple Abyss Vine. He felt the purple vine’s sharp vines continuously moving around his body. This scared him until he pissed his pants, snot and tears rolled down his face. “Spare me! Spare me, ah! Genius Doctor Xi!”

“It wasn’t me. This matter wasn’t done by me, it has no relation to me ah! I’m only Ji Sheng Hall’s shopkeeper, I don’t know anything ah!

[1] birds who were startled by the mere twang of a bow – someone who frightens easily, possibly due to previous experiences


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