The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 373 Eastern Outskirts Other Courtyard
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 373 Eastern Outskirts Other Courtyard

Hexi’s mouth lifted into a faint smile. “Don’t know?”

She talked extremely slowly, but just when she just finished speaking the Purple Vine suddenly came out. After a wooshing sound, shopkeeper Qin’s hand had been nailed to the wall.

“Ah ah ah– –” Shopkeeper Qin let out howls that resembled those of a pig who was being slaughtered. Fishy smelling water kept incessantly coming out of the crotch in his trousers, letting out ‘di di‘ sounds.

Hexi softly stroked the foliage of the Purple Abyss Vine wrapped around her wrist. She quietly said, “This is your last chance. If you don’t say anything, I’ll give you a medicinal pill. I trust that you saw the way your subordinates died.”

“Do you want to experience the feeling of digging out your own stomach and digging out your intestines?”

“I’ll talk! I’ll talk! I beg of you not to feed me that pill, wu wu wu……”

Shopkeeper Qin had long been scared out of his wits and didn’t dare to hide even a little bit of information. “It was Doctor Xie. It was Doctor Xie who brought people to Bie Courtyard.”

“From the day that the both of you fought, he had been searching for you. But I don’t know what he wants to find you for. All I know is that he’s determined to win the secret methods on your hands from you.”

“But these matters truly have nothing to do with me, ah! I’m merely a shopkeeper who sells pills, I don’t know anything. I’m begging you, young hero, to be a big person with big generosity [1]. Let me off! I’m begging you to let me off!”

Doctor Xie? It was the arrogant third rank doctor from the day she saved Xiao Li’s older brother.

Then it seems like that day when coming to massacre Bie Courtyard, they truly took away Xiao Li. It must have been to take the secret repairing broken muscles and tendons medical method in her hand.

However, it was just for such an insignificant prescription that they went as far to cruelly murder the people of Bie Courtyard. Allowing Wet Nurse Chen to experience a violent death.

He he, Doctor Xie! Xie Chongming! Very good! Very, very good!

“Where is Doctor Xie?”

Shopkeeper Qin’s voice trembled. “Xie…… Doctor Xie is in a residence in the eastern outskirts. People are waiting there for you to walk into the trap, to ambush you. Doctor Xie is also there!”

Sure enough, he had set up a good trap inside the residence at the eastern outskirts, just waiting for her to jump in!

Hexi’s mouth secretly curved coldly. “The little guniang that you guys took, where is she?”

Shopkeeper Qin opened his mouth, just as he was about to speak the Purple Vine rustled about and arrived at his stomach. The sharp purple vine softly rubbed against his clothes, seeming to act as if it could plunge inside him at any moment.

Shopkeeper Qin was frightened stiff, he no longer concealed thoughts he originally wanted to hide. At once, he loudly said, “That little guniang is also at the other courtyard in the eastern outskirts. She has just been imprisoned inside the basement.”

“That basement is very well hidden. If the person wasn’t one of our men, they wouldn’t be able to find the entrance, no matter what.”

She has been imprisoned inside the basement?

Hexi knit her brows. The purple vine followed along with her mood and softly trembled up and down.

Shopkeeper Qin’s body continually kept shrinking backward. Wailing, “Genius Doctor Xi, I have the map for the residence in the eastern outskirts in my hand, it even has the entrance to the basement on it.”

“I’m willing to hand over the map of the residence as well as the method to getting into the basement to you. I only beg of you to spare my life!”

“I beg you to spare my life!”

Hexi narrowed her eyes and arrogantly looked at him. “If the map you take out is real, I can spare you.”

“But if the map is fake, he he. Even if I let you off today, in the future I have ten thousand ways to let you experience a life worse than death.”

“I absolutely don’t dare, I absolutely don’t dare to deceive young hero!” Having heard what was said, shopkeeper Qin was overjoyed at the good news. His entire being frantically arrived in front of a medicinal cabinet. Softly, he patted it a few times when suddenly, there was a “peng” sound and a medicinal cupboard appeared.

Afterward, a piece of kraft paper [2] appeared alongside a jade slip inside the medicinal cabinet.

[1] a big person with big generosity – “big person” is shopkeeper Qin saying that Hexi is superior to him in every way
[2] kraft paper – kraft paper is paper or paperboard produced from chemical pulp produced during the kraft process.


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