The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 376 Rotten Flesh? Fur?
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 376 Rotten Flesh? Fur?

The guard was clearly shocked and stuttered, “Xie…… Doctor Xie, you…… why would you be here at this time? Aren’t you supposed to be at the front……”

“Presumptuous!” Hexi’s strict voice said. The loud voice and intonation were exactly the same as Doctor Xie’s voice. “Whatever I want to do and wherever I want to be, when is it your turn to ask me questions? And you still haven’t quickly opened the door!”

“Yes! Yes!” The guard no longer dared to tarry and immediately went to press a mechanism on the other side of the door.

As the iron door opened, ‘ka ka‘ sounds were heard, but before the guard could clearly see “Doctor Xie’s” appearance, a purple shadow suddenly came out.

Only ‘pu pu’ was heard as the guard felt a burst of sharp pain on his neck. He didn’t even have time to groan before he dropped to the floor, severing any opportunity to live anymore.

Hexi closed the iron door and took off the disguise on her face. Her footsteps were noiseless as she began advancing forward.

The further she walked in, the more pungent the stinky and bloody smell became, causing one to feel even more nauseous.

After walking approximately two more steps, Hexi heard the coarse voice of a male. “Why place rotten flesh here at the intersection? Just looking at it spoils one’s appetite. Why haven’t you quickly tossed it to a corner?”

Soon after, another person’s laughing voice answered, “This isn’t some rotten flesh, they’re clearly still alive. It’s just that, the pain and suffering of being alive is much worse than being dead!”

Hexi’s figure flashed like a phantom. Soon after, she was hidden inside a corner, looking towards a not-so-distant place.

This place was clearly a prison. At this time, it was brightly lit and there were several men dressed in black clothing and holding weapons, guarding the prison.

There were also some males who wore strange totems on their clothing, gathering together in twos and threes as they looked after something. It wasn’t obvious what they were studying.

From Hexi’s point of view, she could only clearly see the two men who were just speaking. They seemed to be about thirty or forty years old and they were at Meridians stage.

At this moment, there was a short and stout male among these people. His coarse and short hand held a piece of fur, turning it over up and down and left and right, suspiciously saying, “Are you sure this is the fur of a nine tailed fox? How come this looks nearly the same as an ordinary beast’s fur to me?”

Another thin and tall male saw his actions and became shocked. At once, he threw himself at the fox fur and carefully took it back, unhappily saying, “You be a bit more careful, OK? This is genuine fox fur. In the entirety of Miluo Continent, nobody can take out a second one as fresh and intact as this one.”

“If you were to take this to the market to sell, even if it was a ninth rank magic weapon, you could exchange this for eight or ten of them. Do you understand?”

Eight or ten ninth rank magic weapons!?” The short and stout guard was scared silly. The eyes looking upon the nine-tailed fox fur immediately became seventy percent more passionate.

The thin and tall male carefully stored the nine tailed fox fur inside a jade box and mischievously laughed. “Of course, it’s because of the fact that this nine-tailed fox fur is so precious that Elder Jiang has instructed you and me to come down here and skin this fox, ah!”

“You know, out of all the experts in Jiang Manor, the two of us are the best at skinning the skin [1] off the prisoners.”

“This time, you and I have made such a large contribution. When Elder Jiang evaluates us, he’ll surely bestow countless rewards to the two of us!”

When the short and stout heard these words, he immediately felt proud of himself and laughed. “That’s only natural, we’re even able to skin off human skin completely and fully without any part of the skin receiving any damage. Don’t even mention this small fox.”

[1] skin – the character 皮 (pí) means both skin and fur, in this fox’s case it’s fur, but I think that most of their prisoners are human so I’ve said skin here


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