The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 378 That Sort of Despair
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 378 That Sort of Despair

“I really didn’t know that this fox is clearly a witch. Why would it risk it’s life to protect those lowly people? If not, it wouldn’t have been so easily captured. It really is too stupid, ha ha ha……”

The two men simultaneously burst into laughter. But before they finished laughing, they suddenly became quiet.

The two people only felt a slight pain on their neck before a purple vine quietly wound around them. Catching them off guard, it suspended the two people high up in the air.

The two people’s faces showed shock, but they weren’t frightened at all. From head to toe, their spiritual energy was suddenly set free.

The short and stout guard already began shouting. “Who launched a sneak attack? Come out for your daddy!”

But, just as his words were said, both men discovered that something wasn’t right.

They realized that the ten square meters surrounding them was enveloped in a layer of a purple enchanted boundary.

Inside this enchantment, they found out that their spiritual energy was restricted and their voices couldn’t be transmitted out.

And at this moment, all the people inside the prison were occupied with their own matters. Nobody bothered with what was happening at this side of the prison.

The two men’s faces finally had some fear in it and their eyes were filled with confusion. As they violently struggled, they also shouted until their throats were hoarse. “What does partial credit count for, if you have the skill, then come out and fight with I, your daddy!”

As soon as his voice fell, the figure of a woman appeared from the darkness.

The pretty, seemingly moonlit complexion opposed the prison which reeked of blood. But, her dark and icy eyes seemed somewhat crueler than this dark prison.

“You, what sort of person are you?” The thin and tall man raised his voice and yelled, “How did you get in here?!!”

Hexi didn’t pay any mind to the two hollering people, instead, she step by step walked to the corner that the meat ball had been thrown into.

Air grazed against it as blood dripped off the fur-less body, causing it to shudder from pain.

The hands resting by Hexi’s side suddenly clenched and her fingernails dug into the hollow of her palm. Blood dripped from her fingers, but she took no notice of it.

A scene from her previous life appeared in front of her eyes. She was in a heap of garbage, after rummaging through it she finally found her didi’s [1] body. He didn’t have an intact skull or a thin body. There were only entirely broken remains.

That sort of despair, pain, and overwhelming hatred was something Hexi wouldn’t ever forget in her lifetime.

After that, she abandoned all emotion and forgot all her dreams. With all her might, she began to become stronger so that her hopes could no longer have that sort of despair.

After reincarnating, she thought that she was strong enough. That she could protect whoever she wanted to protect.

But in the end, she couldn’t do anything well. She lost Wet Nurse Chen, she lost that warm family.

Now, did she also have to lose Xiao Li?

Hexi slowly lowered her body. She wanted to carry Xiao Li, but her shaking hands didn’t even dare to touch her.

Because she knew that without the protection of fur, her (Xiao Li’s) skin was naked and exposed. This was a kind of suffering and torture. Even being touched by air would cause her to feel so much pain it wouldn’t want to live, let alone being touched by her (Hexi’s) hand or clothes.

And at this moment, the tall and thin man who was suspended midair suddenly came back to his senses and yelled, “You…… You are that young genius doctor? Aren’t you supposed to be in the front yard? Why have you appeared here?!!”

The light in Hexi’s eyes dimmed as dark raging flames dyed her glassy-black eyes. [2]

With a wave of her hand, a spiritual cover shielded Xiao Li, preventing her from experiencing the pain of the air touching her body.

[1] didi – (弟弟) younger brother
[2] dark raging flames dyed her glassy black eyes – saying that red stained her vision would be equivalent to this


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