The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 379 Ghastly Bones
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 379 Ghastly Bones

She slowly stood up and looked towards the two people being suspended in the air by the Purple Abyss Vine. “You guys…… Are fond of skinning people, right?”

The two people’s faces were filled with bewilderment. The expression of the youth in front of their eyes was too excessive, causing their bones to be filled with terror. As if this youth could dismember their body into thousands of pieces by just looking at them.

The short and stout man couldn’t help but shout, “You…… You better not be too arrogant. Elder Jiang and the others will quickly find out about your presence.”

“You’re just an insignificant Foundation Establishment stage youth. Even if you have some small tricks, when you meet Elder Jiang and the others who are at Gold Core stage, what use will you be?”

“If you obediently listen and sit with your hands tied, waiting to be captured, then we can ask for leniency for you.”

Having heard what was said, Hexi lowly laughed. The Purple Abyss Vine swayed around before putting the people, who were suspended in the air, back down.

The two people thought she was afraid and became overjoyed at the good news. The short and stout male further raised his voice, “You can be considered tactful. Wait for me to meet with Elder Jiang, certainly………… Ah, ah ah– –!!”

Suddenly, his proud words turned into mournful shrieks and simultaneously shouting alongside him was the tall and thin male.

All one could see was the hole that the Purple Abyss Vine slashed on the top of their heads. After their scalps were cut open, their red flesh was exposed.

The two people cried in fear as they raised their heads. All they saw was Hexi slowly walking over and sprinkling some medicinal powder on their heads.

After a moment, their heart wrenching and lung splitting wails filled the entire enchanted boundary the Purple Abyss Vine put down.

If an ordinary person heard that sort of pained shrieks, their hairs would certainly stand on end.

But Hexi was incomparably calm, even her ice-cold eyes resembling those of Asura from Hell didn’t change a bit.

After ten minutes passed, two pieces of undamaged skin appeared on the cold and moist floor of the prison alongside two bloody people who were both hairless and skinless.

The two bloody people on the floor hadn’t stopped breathing yet, their mouths were still incessantly letting out painful moans.

Hexi arrogantly looked down on the two people and slowly said, “Don’t you guys enjoy skinning off other people’s skins? Now your own skin has been completely peeled off, don’t tell me that you shouldn’t feel gratified?”

Those two guards had long since already started letting out more air than taking air in. Soon, they would meet a violent death.

Hexi waved her hand and beckoned the Purple Abyss Vine, she was just about to end their lives.

When suddenly, she heard ‘xi xi’ ‘suo suo’ sounds and without waiting for her to react, countless insects and ants came out from somewhere within the prison.

They looked like black waves, going towards the two bloody people.

In the blink of an eye, numerous insects and ants crawled all over the two bloody people. Some dug into their mouth and nose, others gnawed on their flesh, and some dug into their eyes only to emerge from their nostrils again.

Over and over again, their anguished wailing shook the enchanted boundary the Purple Abyss Vine placed down. Even Hexi, who was used to seeing large scenes became more frightened than she would be seeing the scene down in the eighteenth level of hell. This scene shook her so much, her expression didn’t return.

After waiting a few minutes, the anguished wailing came to a stop. Those two bloody people had already become a pile of ghastly bones.

And those ants and insects resembling waves retreated the same way they came, noiselessly.

When they passed by Xiao Li, they halted for a moment. But they didn’t seem to have the desire to go gnaw and bite her. Instead, one after another, they spit something out of their mouths.

Soon after, the ants and insects completely dispersed. The only thing left behind were the bones of the two guards.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》