The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 382 Life And Death Contrac
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 382 Life And Death Contrac


“But…… But…… ke ke……” Xiao Li let out two coughs and her voice became more and more muffled. “But it seems impossible, my enchanted force is already broken…… There’s no way I can continue to stay by Miss’s side…… I’m sorry…… I’m sorry, Miss!”

“But, to be able to become a person in this lifetime, meet gege, and Miss. Xiao Li…… Xiao Li doesn’t regret it one bit, doesn’t feel sad at all…… Miss, thank…… you……”

As she was speaking, Xiao Li’s voice became weaker and weaker. The little fox’s body slowly submerged deeper into the spiritual spring water.

The enchanted force on her body scattered at a speed visible to the naked eye. In the wake of her enchanted force disappearing, the fur on her body became darker and darker. Her life’s breath also gradually faded away.

“Xiao Li jiejie– –!!” Dandan cried, wanting to throw himself over there, but he was firmly held back by the Little Golden Dragon.

The Little Golden Dragon’s facial expression also showed grief.

At this moment, Hexi blankly stood in one place. Her teeth bit down on her lip, and even after her lip split, she didn’t notice.

Suddenly, a brilliant light shone in her eyes and a purple undercurrent violently surged up. The voice that came out was determined and sounded like crashing ice crystals. “Xiao Li, I already previously said that I would protect you from death, so I certainly won’t let you dissipate from this world!”

“If I, Nalan Hexi, can’t even protect the people by my side, what’s the point of my second life!!”

When she finished speaking, Hexi suddenly took out a knife and cut the hollow of her palm.

But after she injured her palm, no blood flowed out. Instead, there was a dim red glow around the wound, circling around the surrounding area.

A moment later, the dim red glow scattered and a drop of diluted gold slowly seeped out of the wound on her palm, dripping onto Xiao Li’s body.

Momentarily, the smell of blood filled the air and the rich spiritual qi permeated the room.

This was a martial artist’s blood essence.

The blood had just dripped onto Xiao Li’s body when Hexi’s fingers rapidly joined together, forming an image.

After the image was formed, Xiao Li’s body emitted dim, red rays of light. The dim, red ray of light appeared to be like her enchanted force, scattering out. But, it also seemed to be portraying a totem.

Hexi’s expression became extremely grave. The image formed into a lotus flower, it’s profound voice yelled two characters: “Form a contract!!”

Right after the voice fell, the dim, red rays on Xiao Li’s body suddenly went into Hexi’s body. Subsequently, it slowly condensed into a little pattern, that resembled the nine-tailed fox, on her palm. It was just that, the pattern, very quickly, disappeared without a trace.

And Xiao Li, whose enchanted force was previously, completely depleted and on the verge of death, slowly received rays of light on her body. Her breaths also gradually picked up again.

Upon seeing Xiao Li come back to life, Dandan happily bounced and hopped, scuttling over to Xiao Li’s side. Circling around the bathing bucket, he said, “Mother, you’re really too awesome! Xiao Li jiejie is alive, she really managed to stay alive, too great!”

But, having watched the scene from start to finish, the Little Golden Dragon’s eyes were filled with shock and astonishment.

Hexi, she…… she unexpectedly created a life and death contract with the nine-tailed fox. And it wasn’t an ordinary master and pet contract, it was one that shared the master’s fate and vitality with the spiritual pet.

In other words, if the nine-tailed fox was ever on the verge of dying, Hexi would give her vitality to her, allowing her to survive.

Naturally, it goes the other way as well. If Hexi’s vitality was exhausted, the nine-tailed fox would use her enchanted force to replenish her (Hexi’s) life.

This sort of shared life contract didn’t have any advantages, over the last ten million years, nobody had ever concluded one because there weren’t any master or pet’s that were willing to sacrifice oneself to this degree.


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