The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 388 Nobody Think About Running
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 388 Nobody Think About Running

In the blink of an eye, the bewilderment in the faces of these several people completely changed into alarm and astonishment.

The captain of the guards made a prompt decision, saying to the guard next to him, “You, quickly go notify Elder Jiang.”

“You others people follow me up, get this reckless youth captured for me.”

“Really has eaten a leopard’s guts, actually daring to come to my Jiang family’s territory and behave so atrociously. Today, grandpa will let you know how you will die!”

“Exactly, this youngster is merely at Foundation Establishment stage. Don’t tell me he’s able to resist all of our attacks! Everyone, follow me up!”

But without waiting for these guards to move, Hexi faintly laughed. “It doesn’t matter if you come up together, but none of you can think of running.”

Right after she said that, purple vines instantly launched out of Hexi’s body.

The person who suffered the most was precisely the guard who ran out to notify “Elder Jiang”.

The Purple Vine neatly penetrated the guard’s bodies. In the blink of an eye, it sucked in all of the flesh on his body.

The group of martial artists witnessing this scene were scared so much their two eyes turned blank. Some of the cowardly ones’ butts fell onto the ground.

With great difficulty, the captain of the guards held onto the long gun in his hands and forced himself to stop shaking, loudly saying, “You…… In the end, who are you? Do you know where our Jiang family is?”

Hexi’s eyes were serene and large, they didn’t contain a trace of human emotion in them. Her mouth lifted into a brilliant smile. It added to her beautiful appearance, making her seem prettier, like moonlight.

“You’re asking who I am?” She slowly asked, even going as far as to carry a somewhat tender intonation, saying, “I am the Death God that will bring you guys to Hell!”

Her words had barely sounded out when the purple vine that had already flew out and was suspended in the air acted as if it had received an order, without stopping, it advanced towards several people.

All one heard was “ka ca” and in an instant, these several martial artists’ necks had been twisted and the vine had sucked up all their flesh.

But there were a few martial artists who escaped the purple vine’s first attack and let out mournful calls for help.

Hexi’s face didn’t show the slightest bit of panic, so much so that she was still filled with interest and jumped on top of a fake mountain. While sitting on the fake mountain, she swung her legs back and forth.

If there wasn’t the shadow of the purple vine flashing about by her side, people from far away would’ve believed they were looking at a snow white and jade skinned, delicate and elegant, innocent and pure little youth.

In the blink of an eye, this entire team of martial artists had been completely massacred by the Purple Abyss Vine.

The Purple Abyss Vine noiselessly returned to Hexi’s hand, it’s purple leaves intimately rubbed against the white, jade-like wrist.

And at this time, the other martial artists inside Other Courtyard heard this group of martial artists’ miserable shouting.

Soon, there was many martial artists quickly making their way over here. There were clearly quite a few people here that had a high level of strength. A large part of them were at the summit of Foundation Establishment stage, but there were also quite a few martial artists who were at Meridians stage.

When this group of people arrived at the scene of the murder, they were startled by all the skeletons in front of their eyes.

This…… What exactly is going on? They heard the screams and rushed here, but what they saw wasn’t a fighting scene, instead it was a floor filled with bones of the dead.

Suddenly, someone pointed at one of the skeletons among the corpses, crying out in fear, “Laoda, this is Sun Gang’s butterfly sword!”

Sun Gang, it was precisely the captain of the guards from before. And at this moment, as this group of people looked on, they also discovered that the clothes these corpses were wearing were those of guards from Other Courtyard.

The middle aged man that brought the group over suddenly reacted, his pair of eagle-like eyes looked straight at Hexi, who was sitting on top of the fake mountain. “Who is your distinguished self? Coming to my Jiang manor to cause trouble, don’t tell me you’re impatient of living?”


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