The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 389 Life Seizing Yama
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 389 Life Seizing Yama

Hexi’s hand supported herself on the fake mountain. Her head was tilted to the side, showing her elegant complexion and graceful, snow-white neck. She slowly said, “I’m not impatient of living, but when looking at this group of unreputable people, I feel impatient.”

“Therefore, the only option I’m left with is to send you guys off to Hell, so as to avoid hindering my sight.”

“Presumptuous!” Having heard what was said, the middle-aged man was seething with anger. Pointing at Hexi, he shouted, “What do you count as, actually daring to come to my Jiang manor and say such nonsense. And you even dare to slaughter my Jiang manor’s guards, you really think my Jiang family doesn’t have anyone!”

“Come, ah, follow me up. I want to see this Foundation Establishment stage waiter who acts so savage with a dog’s courage in my Jiang manor.”

His words were furious, but the middle-aged man’s hand didn’t stop either. He quickly took out a cold, deep green long sword.

The middle-aged man poured his spiritual energy into it, causing the sword to whiz as he swiftly flew towards Hexi, who was sitting on the fake mountain.

At the same time, those Meridians stage martial artists who followed behind the middle-aged man also took out their magical flying swords and waited for action.

Soon, the green long sword already began striking in front of Hexi. The purple vines wrapped around her slender arm suddenly swept out, one after another.

All that was heard was “pa” and in the blink of an eye, flames erupted all around everyone.

That green long sword was stopped mid-air by the purple vine and without waiting for the middle-aged man to respond, it suddenly turned around and facing the group of people, it flew towards them.

“Ah ah– – – –!” One of the people in the group of guards let out a woeful howl as the green long sword pierced through his chest.

He slowly bowed his head to look at the long sword in his stomach, his eyes were filled with disbelief and astonishment. Soon after, his head became askew as he stopped breathing.

Hexi held onto the Purple Abyss Vine as she stood on top of the fake mountain.

Her silky, satin-like hair danced around in the wind alongside the Purple Abyss Vine, who was swaying about in her hands. The youth’s beautiful face showed a serene smile, seeming to be someone who came out of a painting. But at this moment, she looked as if she was Yama who would seize lives, causing people to feel terror.

The middle-aged man’s look became even more unsightly. The flying sword that was inside the person’s stomach hummed several more times before returning back to his hands.

He originally thought that this was merely a Foundation Establishment stage martial artist. Even if the magic weapon in their hands was more powerful and they could skillfully and easily wipe out a group of Foundation Establishment stage guards. But when they ran into his own group of Meridians stage martial artists, they wouldn’t be able to do devastation as they wished.

But it was very clear, the fact was that his imaginations and reality were extremely far apart.

“In the end, who are you?” Fear rose in the middle-aged man’s heart and he couldn’t help but raise his voice and ask.

But before he could finish speaking, Hexi suddenly flew into the air and the purple vine in her hands whistled as it came out.

All that was heard was a loud “peng” as the purple vine rolled up ten or so Foundation Establishment stage martial artists. Soon after, they were ruthlessly flung into a wall.

It was a pity, these Foundation Establishment stage martial artists’ weren’t at a high rank, so when the Purple Abyss Vine rolled them up, their spiritual energy defense was also eliminated. Without their spiritual energy defense, they became ordinary people.

To be flung so ruthlessly against the wall, they didn’t even groan before all their bones were shattered as they cleanly died.

At this moment, the middle-aged man’s facial expression was very alarmed, he was just about to call for everyone to go up together.

When suddenly, there was the sound of someone clapping behind him. Soon after, an old man wearing a smiling expression slowly said, “Good skill, good magic weapon. Sure enough, the hero is a young man, ah!”


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