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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 393 Happy?

The actual person she wanted to attack was Xie Chongming!

He saw that Doctor Xie was right in front of Hexi and Hexi had already picked up a long sword infused with cold light.

Elder Jiang’s complexion became extremely unsightly, with a load roar, he threw himself over. “You dare– –!!”

But before he fell down, he heard “shua shua shua shuaI” sounds.

Immediately following that, Doctor Xie let out a mournful howl. His entire body resembled a drum, dropping on the floor with a thump, he incessantly rolled around.

Yes, exactly like a drum.

Because the current Doctor Xie had already had his four limbs chopped off by the identical vines, all that was left over was a head attached to an upper body.

His arms and legs were laid to the side, on the floor. His fingers had already began to turn blue, but they were still moving around neurotically.

Hexi slowly walked up to Doctor Xie, who was ceaselessly shouting, she smiled innocently and softly. “Doctor Xie, when you let people kill Wet Nurse Chen and take out her internal organs, where you happy?”

“Oh, I think you were definitely happy.” She let out a light sigh, “Therefore, I don’t mind letting you feel even happier.”

The words had just come out when the long sword in her hand flew out like a phantom, heading towards Doctor Xie’s face to say hello.

Doctor Xie’s eyes resembled death, they were full of alarm and despair.

Shortly, he no longer had eyes. His face didn’t have a nose, ears, eyebrows, and eyes anymore.

He still had a mouth, but his mouth no longer had a tongue, he couldn’t make any noises.

But it didn’t matter, he still had his ears, he could still hear sounds. He also had his consciousness, the current pain on his body tortured him to the point of hovering between life and death.

Hexi regained the long sword, but she didn’t bother to wipe the bloodstain on it. Rather, she directly threw the long sword away.

At last, she finally looked upon Doctor Xie. Her voice was soft and she had a tender expression as she said, “Although you killed Wet Nurse Chen and tortured Xiao Li, I’ve still decided that you can’t die too easily.”

“Now, you are unable to see, talk, walk, or do anything. But with a martial artists’ valiant body, you won’t die so easily either. You can’t even kill yourself.”

“You will suffer this hellish torture every day and every night for a long time, incapable of freeing yourself or escape. I trust that you’ll feel extremely happy about this feeling.”

On the floor, Doctor Xie, who couldn’t even be said to have a body anymore, frantically trembled. He twisted and turned, but nobody spared him a glance anymore and nobody cared about his life or death anymore.

To Hexi, he was already a dead man. Wet Nurse Chen’s hatred has already been revenged.

To Elder Jiang, Xie Chongming having lost both his hands and feet and being unable to look or see, had already lost all his value. He was no longer worthy of paying any attention to.

It was just that everyone turned speechless for half a day after seeing Hexi’s ruthless methods.

Clearly they’re nothing more than sixteen or seventeen years old, didn’t expect that when he cut off someone’s four limbs and removed their eyes, ears, mouth, and nose, his expression still wouldn’t have the slightest change.

No, his face still carried a breathtaking smile.

This youth…… Really is too terrifying!

Even Elder Jiang had these thoughts. He originally wanted to attract him (Hexi) to his side, but he retrieved these thoughts.

A thread of fear rose in his heart, if this youngster was allowed to mature, perhaps even he (Elder Jiang) wouldn’t be his match.

So, after he obtained the extinct skill of replenishing arteries and veins, he must completely destroy this youth!

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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》