The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 398 It’s Just This, Nothing More
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 398 It’s Just This, Nothing More

Lacking strength, the Cool Breeze flag also fell down into Hexi’s hands.

Elder Jiang’s eyes were blood red as he rigidly watched Hexi, who was nearby. His eyes were filled with hatred and unspeakable fear.

At this moment, his complexion was pale and there were bloodstains on his mouth. His clothes were all torn and his body was filled with cuts from the wind blades. How could he still possess the relaxation he had previously.

It was extremely clear that in order to eliminate the Thousand Wind Blade, he paid a price.

Naturally, Hexi didn’t expect a small tornado would be able to get rid of this old fart. But she faintly laughed, “Old fool, the feeling of being injured by your own magic weapons isn’t bad right?”

Elder Jiang became so angered, his body shook. He suddenly took out some medicine pills and stuffed it in his mouth, fiercely looking at Hexi. “Did you think that the Thousand Wind Blade flag was my most lethal magic weapon? You’ve merely learned a bit of superficial knowledge, yet you dare to strut around in front of me!”

“Right now, I’m going to use my unique skill to dismember your body, you shameless youngster! If you have the ability, use my tricks again to come see me!”

He just finished speaking when the pressure from spiritual power in his body began pressing down harder.

And inside his hand, a twinkling Thunder Light, golden long sword appeared.

When he waved his hand, the sound of thunder suddenly echoed from the long sword.

“Thunder and wind rushing movement– –!! Smelly youngster, drop dead for me– –!!!”

Momentarily, the entire desolate residence shook and countless pieces of clay and sand picked up in the hurricane and headed towards Hexi.

At the same time, a clap of thunder and lightning which caused people’s blood to run cold, sounded out.

Elder Jiang had the Wind and Thunder dual spiritual roots. Although it couldn’t be compared to Heavenly Spiritual Roots, in Miluo Continent, it could be considered a rarely seen good attribute.

For him to get to today’s achievement, he had used countless precious spiritual pills, and adding on a hundred years of bitter cultivation, he had achieved Gold Core stage with great difficulty.

If he lost to this yellow mouthed child in front of him, what did his hundred years of payment (all the pills and cultivation) count as?

Hexi had been enveloped inside the hurricane, her spiritual protective cover was constantly being blown by the wind, causing it to become unstable and crack before maintaining itself again.

Hexi’s expression was extremely calm, her two eyes distributed warm rays of golden lights and in the blink of an eye, she moved towards Elder Jiang.

When the wind and thunder rushing movement had been completely finished, Hexi’s mouth curved up into a dazzling smile.

A moment later, when she flipped her palm up, a wind and thunder infused long sword appeared in her hand.

Following that, in front of Elder Jiang’s astonished gaze, Hexi resolutely waved the long sword.

For a moment, hurricane and hurricane bumped, thunder and lightning and thunder and lightning tangled together and rumbled.

The entire courtyard seemed as if it could no longer withstand the battle and the wall angrily collapsed.

And a moment later, the hurricane which was originally attacking Hexi, seemed to have been swallowed, slowly it became weaker and melted away.

At the same time, the earth shaking thunder and lightning hurricane turned around and headed to attack Elder Jiang.

“Not possible– –!! This isn’t possible!! This is absolutely not possible– –!!”

Elder Jiang’s eyes were filled with fright and despair.

The thunder and wind rushing movement was their Jiang family’s unique skill. Even his own family’s younger generation could only learn this secret method through word of mouth. Why? Why could this youth learn it today?

In the end, who was she… In the end, who was she?!!

A moment later, he heard Hexi’s clear and ridiculing voice sound out from a nearby place. “Didn’t you say that I could learn your unique skill? Thunder and wind rushing movement, he he, in the end, it’s just this and nothing more!


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