The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 400 White Clothed Male
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 400 White Clothed Male

Upon hearing those words, Dan Dan stopped crying and his short legs slowly walked towards Elder Jiang’s side.

His round, small, pig-like body jumped onto Elder Jiang’s stomach, shouting, “Villain, you harmed Mother! I’ll kill you!”

The weight of Dan Dan pressing down on Elder Jiang caused his eyes to rotate to the white parts and caused him to spit out a mouthful of blood.

Hexi stopped the several fellows, laughing helplessly, “Don’t play anymore, he’s so weak right now, he won’t be able to bear you guys tossing him around. If we let him die so easily, won’t that be too convenient for him!”

“Lao da, do you have any good means?” The Little Golden Dragon excitedly jumped around in the air, “We must let him properly experience pain!”

Elder Jiang raised his head, his eyes were filled with despair and hatred as he loudly roared at Hexi, “My Jiang family won’t let you off– –!”

Before he could finish yelling, copious amounts of medicinal powders appeared in Hexi’s hands, which she then proceeded to sprinkle over his wounds.

Suddenly, Elder Jiang, who had originally been at his last dying breath, began to violently shout as he rolled around on the floor.

And what was even more terrifying was that his skin began to fall off in pieces. It resembled the snow white lime on a wall that had been cracked and was falling off, exposing his bloody red internal flesh.

The Little Golden Dragon turned left and right in the air as he looked at the main culprit in such a miserable state, feeling indescribably excited, “Lao da, what type of medicine is this? Very ferocious, ah!”

“Free and Unfettered powdered medicine.” Hexi carried the confused Dan Dan, covering his eyes so he couldn’t see the bloody scene as she explained to the Little Golden Dragon, “First, your skin falls off in clumps. Next, it’s your body’s flesh. But even after all his skin and flesh had fallen off, he still won’t die. Only until the rotting spreads to his heart and brain can he die.”

“This type of torture will last, approximately, twelve days and nights. He can only endure the suffering, helplessly looking as he slowly inches towards death.”

“Really is a pity, he’s merely a common person now. I’m afraid that after a bit of pained torture, his body may not be able to endure anymore.”

“But it’s sufficient. Sufficient enough to offset all the pain he set upon Xiao Li’s body. It’s also sufficient enough to let Wet Nurse Chen to be in peace in the nine springs.”

Finished speaking, Hexi took back all the magic weapons on the floor, including Elder Jiang’s flying sword. Then she ordered the Purple Abyss Vine, “Little Purple, carefully search through this desolate residence. I want to ensure that, aside from these two old fellows, there isn’t any living mouths.”

After approximately the time it took to burn a stick of incense, this desolate residence, located in the eastern outskirts of Yan Jing city, suddenly let out a violent boom.

Completely collapsing, it became ruins, enveloped in dense, scary air.

Inside the ruins, aside from a monster that lacked all four limbs, a nose, mouth, ears, and eyes as well as a bloody person who howled in pain, there weren’t any other creatures visible.

As a result of this place being remote and it being late at night, nobody discovered this.

Only until the third day, a white clothed male appeared in front of these ruins. Looking at the squirming freak with an incomplete body and the incessantly wiggling and screaming mincemeat on the floor, he couldn’t help but knit his handsome eyebrows, exposing a suspicious expression.

Eastern outskirts of Yan Jing, he shouldn’t have found the wrong place, ah!

Clearly it was the day to deliver the goods, but how come there wasn’t a shadow of any human beings. Furthermore, even the house had turned into ruins.

In the end, what happened?

Looking at the monster lacking all four limbs who was wiggling at him, it seemed to want to convey something. The white clothed male expressed a loathing expression on his face.

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