The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 402 Genius Doctor Xi Yue
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 402 Genius Doctor Xi Yue

“Clearly success should’ve been assured, didn’t expect that she was defeated under a Foundation Establishment stage youngster’s hand and even acted so hot-headedly in Hundred Herb Mist. Practically is losing all of Feng family’s face!”

“If it wasn’t for the sake of her master’s face, I would’ve thrown her out of Feng family a long time ago!”

As Feng Tianba was speaking, anger was rolling over his face in bursts. Recalling the scene, outside of the Secret Territory, of Feng Lian Ying’s bare body, he was itching to beat this daughter to death!

Originally he wanted to wed her to Nangong Yu, firmly fastening him. But it seems like now, these thoughts must be dropped!

This trash that can’t be seen in public, Nangong Yu’s eyes are higher than the top, how could she possibly meet his gaze!

“Speaking of the youngster that stole the Zijin Palace Hall inheritance…” Feng Tianba deeply sighed and then handed a jade book to Feng Yunjing. Lowering his voice, he told him, “I’m afraid this youngster isn’t very simple, you take a look.”

Feng Yunjing’s face was puzzled, taking the jade book, his expression was deep.

A moment later, Feng Yunjing’s face returned to his regular ‘well without ripples’ face [1]. Then, he let out an astonished expression, lowly saying, “Able to completely cure Ouyang Haoxuan’s fractured meridians and even his cultivation level was reinstated to how it was previously?!”

“Genius Doctor Xi… Xi Yue, Father, are you certain they’re the same person?”

Feng Tianba pursued his lips, “From what you’ve said, that youth, Xi Yue, received Zijin Palace Hall’s inheritance. That in itself proves that he has medical skills.”

“Adding onto that are his deeds in Hundred Herb Mist, he clearly has much higher medical skills compared to Feng Lian Ying.”

“On the world, there aren’t many brilliant doctors. Yet it just happens that two suddenly appear, and both are surnamed Xi? Moreover, I also heard that the Genius Doctor Xi who cured Ouyang Haoxuan was a seventeen or eighteen year old youth.”

“Therefore, I’m ninety percent certain that this youth called Xi Yue is the Genius Doctor Xi that’s caused the medical world to go crazy.”

Talking up to here, Feng Tianba’s gaze turned serene, “Yunjing, although this time’s operation, at the Secret Territory, was a fail, you can’t say we didn’t gain anything from it. Regarding this Xi Yue, you must clarify for me, if he truly has such Godly methods, our Feng family needs to rush to hold him inside out hands…”

A blaze burned in Feng Yunjing’s eyes before quickly disappearing and immediately after, he seemed to have thought of something. His expression was faint as he lowered his voice and asked, “But Father, how should we deal with Nangong Yu?”

“His relationship with that Xi Yue appears to be excellent. For that Xi Yue he didn’t hesitate to clash with me.”

Feng Yunjing, himself, didn’t know where his thoughts were. He found out that Xi Yue could possibly be a woman, and Nangong Yu and Xi Yue’s intimacy was all concealed.

Naturally, Feng Tianba thought Nangong Yu’s favor of Xi Yue was due to his medical skills, so his expression was grave as he said, “Nangong Yu, if you can avoid, then avoid. By all means, you must not go and deliberately provoke him. He isn’t someone you can bother right now.”

Having heard what he said, Feng Yunjing’s complexion sunk and his heart was filled with refusal.

Nangong Yu was at Nascent Soul stage, he was also at Nascent Soul stage. And adding onto that was the numerous, difficult to deal with, magical weapons owned by Feng Family. Feng Yunjing didn’t believe that he would lose to him.

Why did Father say he was someone he couldn’t provoke?

Feng Yunjing ground his teeth, “Father, don’t speak, he only has this bit of skill. Even if he’s very difficult to deal with, you’re his life-saving benefactor. Don’t tell me he can bite the hand that feeds him? Why should we need to avoid him like a taboo?”

[1] well without ripples face – poker face


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