The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 404 Unconscious
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 404 Unconscious

When a fragrant and overly sweet woman threw herself into his embrace, it should be warm~ fragrant~ and jade.

But Feng Yunjing suddenly thought of something. When that person neared him, the faint smell of herbal medicine hit him in the face.

There wasn’t any of the woman’s beauty nor pampering, instead, it was an uncontrollable and strong feeling of indifference.

Suddenly, Feng Yunjing felt as if the smell of cosmetics disgusted him. He shook off the woman that threw herself into his embrace and coldly said, “Go away! Seeing you makes me feel nauseous!”

Finished speaking, his figure disappeared.

The woman who had been left inside the pavilion first stared blankly, then her pretty face warped.

Previously, she was a servant girl in Feng family, because her appearance was outstanding, she was chosen to be Feng Yunjing’s personal servant girl.

Being Young Master’s servant girl meant that inevitably, there would be a day she would become Young Master’s woman.

Chen Yan’er had always been arrogant– – She was the prettiest and cleverest woman by Young Master’s side. Although Young Master’s heart was cold, he would occasionally treat her warmly.

But today, today she clearly saw loathing in Young Master’s eyes.

Chen Yan’er angrily punched the stone pillar, mumbling fragments to herself, “Xi Yue? In the end, where did this vixen Xi Yue that Young Master speaks of come from? I need to have this person properly investigated… Wanting to seduce Young Master, I want you to properly understand not knowing shamelessness!!”

»»————- ✼ ————-««

Igniting one’s dantian, naturally one would need to pay the price.

Therefore, after Hexi returned to Bie Courtyard, she didn’t even have enough time to relocate everyone inside the Secret Territory before she sunk into a coma.

Dan Dan and the Little Golden Dragon stood by Hexi’s side the entire night, neither of them dared to even move one foot away and Dan Dan cried until his eyes were red and swollen.

Wu Xin used his spiritual energy to search for the condition of Hexi’s injury and wrinkled his eyebrows.

Hexi’s injury was extremely severe. Her dantian’s spiritual energy was close to being drained, but what was even more urgent was that, after losing consciousness, Hexi developed a fever.

And this type of fever rendered her incapable of receiving any spiritual energy externally, even feeding her supplementary spiritual energy [1] didn’t work.

Dan Dan lied down next to Hexi, grabbing her hand. He had cried so much his voice turned hoarse, “Mother, you clearly said that nothing would happen. You said you wouldn’t abandon Dan Dan, wu wu wu…”

To the side, the Little Golden Dragon comfortingly patted the little fellow. But he was also worried sick and couldn’t say any comforting words.

When they were at Jiang family’s Other Courtyard at the eastern outskirts, he thought that lao da’s injury wasn’t too serious. Lao da didn’t show any symptoms of being an ill person, she could even cheerfully and wittily punish that old bas***.

But how could he forget? Lao da’s true cultivation stage was merely Meridians stage. Breaking out into high level Gold Core stage would undoubtedly have a price.

As the night turned a bit darker, Hexi continued to have a fever. Her face was flushed and she remained unconscious.

Dan Dan cried and cried and under the Little Golden Dragon’s pacifying, he fell asleep. The Little Golden Dragon lay by the headboard, scouring his inherited memories for any means to save Hexi.

Suddenly, Wu Xin’s, who was standing in the doorway, expression turned cold. He quickly stood up and a flying sword appeared in his hand.

But, his flying sword just appeared in his hands when the grave expression on his face turned into shock. He blurted out, “Master, you… Why did you come?”

The arriving person was travel-worn and their face was haggard. Shockingly, it’s Nangong Yu.

Nangong Yu completely ignored Wu Xin. He quickly walked towards the front of the bed and softly carried her.

Due to her having a fever, the girl’s cheeks were flushed and her originally soft and pink lips had lost all their color, and even began showing cracked lines.

[1] supplementary spiritual energy – energy to at least get her to a more stable place in her dantian


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