The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 407 Mysterious and Secretive
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 407 Mysterious and Secretive

“Wu wu wu, you’re finally awake Mother… Don’t die Mother, don’t scare Dan Dan anymore. Wu wu wu…”

Hexi turned her head to look around her as Dan Dan was crying in her embrace.

Circling around in the air staring at her with a happy expression was the Little Golden Dragon, who was also scolding Dan Dan. “You fool, lao da woke up, how can she still die. You’re so heavy, throwing yourself onto lao da. Not even afraid you’ll squish lao da and internally injure her.”

And Wu Xin, who was standing in the doorway, watching her, let out a loose breath.

What surprised Hexi the most was a pale faced little guniang with red eyes who laid on the bed and staring at her as big teardrops tumbled out of her big eyes.

“Xiao Li!” Hexi cried out in surprise as a smiling expression appeared on her face, “You recovered?”

But before she could finish asking the question, the little guniang let out a big cry and, following Dan Dan, also threw herself onto Hexi. “Miss, I’m sorry. It’s all because I’m no good, it’s because I’m useless. I hurt Wet Nurse Chen and caused Miss to receive injuries and fall into a coma, wu wu wu…”

By the time it was early morning, Xiao Li had already woken up. Under the treatment of the spiritual spring water and nectar from the Thousand Leaf Flower, she was already almost completely healed. She could even change back into human form.

But after she woke up, she discovered that Hexi wasted a great amount of spiritual qi in order to save her. Not only that, she also concluded a life and death contract with her. She even received injuries in order to revenge her. After the little fox found out about this, she was incessantly worried and blamed herself, she didn’t once stop crying.

After Hexi woke up and she heard her soft voice, she couldn’t bear the sadness and fright she felt over these few days and began to wail.

Hexi was made speechless when she saw their appearances when they were afraid she would die, but she also felt touched.

She turned around on the bed and slowly circulated her spiritual energy, then she let out a pleasant smile. “Very strange, apparently the aftermath of my ignited dantian isn’t as serious as I thought it was.”

“I feel that my dantian’s spiritual force is abundant, right now and the spiritual qi in my meridians aren’t clogged at all. Apparently… my cultivation level even raised a little.”

Speaking up to here, Hexi carried the plump Dan Dan in her embrace and pinched his pink cheeks. Laughing, she teased, “Okay, little crying bag. Look, nothing is wrong with Mother. Don’t look like the sky is falling down.”

Dan Dan flattened his mouth and stammered, “It wasn’t originally like this. Yesterday evening, Mother was scalding hot and no matter how loud it was, you didn’t wake up. No matter what we did to try and give you spiritual energy, it was no use. Dan Dan was truly really scared that Mother would die.”

“If it weren’t for, after…”

Dan Dan’s words were half said when Wu Xin, who was standing to the side, lightly couged and walked forward. “Wangfei, the servants inside your courtyard have already been waiting outside for a long time. Because you were not awake, they did not dare to act on their own initiative and deal with the corpses. May I ask whether or not you wish to go outside right now and explain it to them?”

Hexi hadn’t even said anything, but Wu Xin’s words caused Dan Dan’s complexion to change and he quickly shut his mouth.

Hexi wrinkled her eyebrow and suspiciously casted a glance at Wu Xin, then looked at Dan Dan again. “Dan Dan, what were you just saying, If it weren’t for, after what?”

“Nothing! Nothing!” Dan Dan’s small head shook like a rattle, “Dan Dan never said after!”

Hexi looked towards the Little Golden Dragon, whose face conveyed a ‘I don’t understand what you’re talking about’ expression.

“Mysterious and secretive, what are you up to?” Hexi muttered, no longer trying to understand these few fellows, and walked out of the room.


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