The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 410 Cultivation Plan
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 410 Cultivation Plan

As long as they followed Miss, they would definitely become strong. Moreover, they would become stronger than they didn’t even dare to dream of before.

There weren’t any talented builders in Xi Jia and the others, so naturally, the buildings they made couldn’t be said to be cozy.

On the second day, after seeing everyone cuddled together with her and the several things pressed down on her, causing her to become numb, Hexi rose up with the intention to pick some slaves. Specifically, skilled slaves.

Furthermore, the most important matter today was to prepare the training plan for the people by her side.

Her bringing Xiao Li, Xi Jia, and the others in here wasn’t to let them peacefully play inside Green Wood Realm. Rather, she wanted to train them, to let them become powerful.

The realms in Sealed Dragon Territory, aside from Green Wood Realm, were Water Moon Realm, Burning Heaven Realm, Ice Snow Realm, and Desolate Desert Realm.

Among these, Burning Heaven Realm, Ice Snow Realm, and Desolate Desert Realm’s terrain were particularly nasty. There were a good deal of magical beasts roaming around, it could be said to be the best place for martial artists to refine and train their bodies.

Previously, Hexi had no means to let Xi Jia and the others refine their bodies. Apart from letting them train their bodies by refining pills for them, there weren’t any other alternatives.

But after her visit to the Hundred Herb Mist, she obtained various refining body methods. Some were ones that she plundered and some were exchanged for the antidote.

Among these was a method called Demonic Terminating Method, Hexi really admired it.

This method didn’t require one to be a cultivator, they only had to have a high amount of natural talent. But the cultivation process required the body to suffer an enormous amount of pain for a short period of time. It needed someone who was extremely tough and had a lot of willpower.

And Xi Jia and the others were slaves, they had passed through many masters, suffered much pain and humiliation. This type of person’s temperament would be tough and they would desire power. Hexi could see this through the previous mission she gave them. No matter how bitter or tired they were, nobody complained or became lazy.

As long as one could endure the cultivation process’ pain, suffering, and forging, one could achieve “Demonic Gold Body.”

In Miluo Continent, this so called Demonic Gold Body was practically equal to the existence of an undying body. Even a hit from a Nascent Soul stage martial artist, using their full strength, wouldn’t be strong enough to take them down.

Of course, the description of the method said that Miluo Continent never had anyone who obtained Demonic Gold Body. Even if the people who obtained Earthly Demon Gold Body was exceptionally few.

Earthly Demon Gold Body was equivalent to the cultivation of the summit of Gold Core stage. If Xi Jia and the others were able to achieve this stage, they could be considered to have the utmost capability to protect themselves in Miluo Continent.

Hexi gave Xi Jia and the other ten people three tasks in order to assess them.

They could only leave Burning Heaven, Ice and Snow, and Desolate Desert Realm after they finished cultivating and went through the trial.

And if they passed the trial and achieved Foundation Establishment stage, Xi Jia and the others could began to cultivate Demonic Terminating Method.

After arranging Xi Jia and the several other people’s cultivation plan, the next person was Xiao Li.

Xiao Li’s innate talent was extraordinary, however, she practiced enchanted power. The spiritual beasts inside this Sealed Dragon Domain were abundant, it was suited for martial artists to cultivate. But, it wasn’t suitable for the enchanted race to cultivate.

Moreover, Dan Dan and the little dragon could cultivate in her Xumi mustard subspace, slowly promoting their strength. Only Xiao Li didn’t have much of a helping hand in her space.

Even the Ninth Secluded Spring Water seemed to lose it’s effect after she drank half of it.

After muttering to herself for a moment, she asked for Xiao Li’s opinion. “Sealed Dragon Domain doesn’t have any enchanted power, it’s not suited for you to cultivate. If you want to become strong, you have two alternatives right now.”


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