The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 411 Letting One’s Self Become Strong
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 411 Letting One’s Self Become Strong

“One way is to leave me and go to the magical beast forest. There’s an abundant amount of enchanted energy there, it can help you advance in your cultivation. I’ll give you a life saving jade slip, if you meet some calamity…”

“I don’t want to leave Miss!” Hexi didn’t get to finish speaking before Xiao Li threw herself into her arms and impatiently said, “I promised gege I would follow by Miss’ side. Moreover, I would hate to… Hate to part with Miss… Miss, can you not push me away?”

Hexi rubbed her head and helplessly replied, “I didn’t want to push you away. It’s just that, the second option is rather dangerous. Not only that, it’ll raise your murderous thoughts, you’re still young, I originally didn’t wish for you to…”

“I’m not afraid of danger nor murderous thoughts!” Xiao Li’s face was firm, clenching her fist, she vowed, “I want to become extremely strong and powerful, so I can help out Miss. So I can protect Miss and gege.”

Hexi nodded her head, “Since it’s like this, then I’ll send you to Desolate Desert Realm’s Black Desert. But, it isn’t as safe as a training location as Xi Jia and the others’, rather it’s the desert with the most concentrated amount of magical beasts.”

“Although Sealed Dragon Domain doesn’t contain enchanted power, the internal core of the magical beasts contains a large quantity of enchanted power. If you refine their internal cores, you can change them into enchanted power to cultivate.”

“But, the magical beasts inside Desolate Desert Realm’s Black Desert are incomparably cruel and powerful, and they have already lost all rationality long ago. All that’s left is a bloodthirsty instinct. Even with your charming ability and ability to talk to all creatures, they would be unable to display affection. There will be nothing but continuous battling before you can obtain what you want. With it like this, do you still wish to go and try your hand?”

Without the slightest hesitation, Xiao Li nodded her head. Her snowy face didn’t have any trace of wavering, “I want to go. As long as I can help Miss, I’m not afraid of any hardship. Not only that, Miss is so awesome, Xiao Li doesn’t wish to pull Miss’ leg.”

Xiao Li, Xi Jia, and the others were quickly sent into the Desolate Desert Realm. The Little Golden Dragon also began it’s cultivation inside her space.

All that was left was Dan Dan, the little foodie. As before, he ate fine foods, slept, and he rolled about in all types of fields, acting cute and spoiled. His days couldn’t have been passed more comfortably.

But, in Hexi’s heart, Dan Dan was different.

Dan Dan was her closest relative in this world, Hexi wished to pamper him, indulge him, and give him the happiest and most comfortable life.

As for Hexi, she wouldn’t let herself waste any second of time that could be used to let herself become stronger.

After settling everyone, she quickly entered her space and began to cultivate nonstop.

The methods in Hexi’s hands currently weren’t few, but after she began to cultivate the Maha Inheritance, these methods, that she had taken from the hands of other martial artists, couldn’t meet her eyes.

But, Hexi also discovered an odd thing.

Because her body possessed the five elements of spiritual power, Hexi originally wanted to study all the attributes of the method, so she could balance her cultivation. After all, nowadays she used her fire and water attributes the most, much more compared to her other attributes.

But after searching through the methods, she discovered to her shock– – There wasn’t any method correlating to the wood attribute.

In addition, she remembered that in the Overflowing Pill Cauldron Scripture, it had clearly said that the wood attribute was considered the strongest attribute for a doctor, representing the origin and recovery of one’s life.

But, she had never seen anyone using a wooden attribute to treat injuries before in these ancient books or records.

Truly is strange. Don’t tell her that this method was incomplete and only the wood attribute was missing?


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