The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 415 Must Not Come By All Means?
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 415 Must Not Come By All Means?

Translator Note this is a double update, if you haven’t read chapter 414 yet, please ago ahead and read that first!

“Senior Wu Xin wishes for me to tell Miss, Hell King Manor has received an invitation from Ouyang family. The content of the invitation wishes for His Highness Hell King to pass on this information: They wish to invite you, Miss, to attend Jin Ling’s annual hunting competition.”

Xi San handed Hexi the jade slip, she looked it over it for a moment and her heart rate began to speed up.

This year’s annual hunting competition had Ouyang Haoxuan’s father, Ouyang Zhixiong, overseeing it. Furthermore, the prize was a fourth rank Fire Binding method.

Nowadays, what Hexi lacked the most of were high level attribute cultivation methods. Naturally, this reward was quite tempting to her.

She nodded her head and said, “Tell Wu Xin to inform Ouyang Family that I will participate.”

“What was the other matter?”

From his bosom, Xi San took out another paper and handed it to Hexi. “A few days ago there was a magic record that flew into Bie Courtyard, subordinate doesn’t know what this is either.”

When Hexi looked upon the magic record, she was startled. This was a talisman.

Originally, the male who had his wife and children murdered by Feng Lian Ying gave her a thousand mile transmitting talisman to be able to inform her of the time when he found Feng Lian Ying, so that she could take revenge for him.

After leaving, this middle aged man had given her a few more transmitting talismen.

These transmitting talismen were much better compared to Miluo Continent’s summoning jade slips. The information it could transmit was much clearer and detailed. Therefore, at the time, Hexi had given Gu Liufeng, Nangong Yu, and Wu Yu a few.

Then, why would there be a transmitting talisman that flew into Bie Courtyard?

Hexi used spiritual force to ignite the transmitting talisman and immediately heard Zhou Yan’an’s horse voice, which was filled with despair. “Sorry, Xi gongzi! Originally, we agreed for you to come to Sheng De Hall to treat someone, one month later. You need not come anymore. No… By all means, you must not come!

Must not come by all means?

Hexi’s eyebrows pursued, why would Zhou Yan’an request this? What happened?

Zhou Yan’an didn’t wish for her to go look, as expected, Hexi must go take a look.

»»————- ✼ ————-««

Early in the morning, on the second day, Hexi had already left Bie Courtyard, early on, to head towards Yan Jing city.

Before entering Yan Jing city, she changed herself into an ordinary youngster.

Before she walked onto the east street, Hexi heard the sounds of a racket, the sounds of screaming voices.

“Today Ji Sheng Hall opened for business again, in order to express gratitude to everyone, anyone who purchases pills from my medicine hall will also receive a free inspection from Doctor Gu.”

The people in the crowd let out enthusiastic cheers, surrounding Ji Sheng Hall in an impenetrable crowd.

Although that Doctor Gu was merely a first rank doctor, but doctors were uncommon and arrogant. Examining people, free of charge today, this was a good matter that couldn’t be requested of.

Hexi looked at the lively seen in front of her, then looked towards Ji Sheng Hall’s tightly closed doors. It gave a cold and deserted feeling, she deeply pursued her eyebrows.

She lightly knocked on the door, there weren’t any noises coming from inside and nobody came to answer.

Then, she suddenly heard a little manservant’s cordial voice. “This gongzi, do you wish to buy medicinal pills? Would it be better to come inside Ji Sheng Hall to take a look? We’ve just received large quantities of medicinal pills, we have whatever attribute or type you have!”

When Hexi turned her head, she saw someone coming over and was startled.

She recognized this little manservant, he once ran errands inside Sheng De Hall. But now, this person ran to Sheng Ji Hall to be a manservant.

What happened during this month? What about Zhou Yan’an and Gu Liufeng?


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